Nova #1 (V3)

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Nova #1 (V3)

The issue begins with a bang as Nova tangles with none other than the infamous Spider Man villain – the man called Rhino! Nova attempts to strike Rhino as hard as he can, but his powers seem to be acting up. He tries to talk the Rhino into surrendering, but that does no good.

Rhino then manages to knock Nova into orbit. By the time Nova returns to Manhattan to confront Rhino, She-Hulk is already tangling with Rhino and taking care of the situation. Disheartened, Nova flies off unaware he’s being watched on a monitor by Nebula. Nebula swears vengeance against Nova, claiming that Zorr was her father.

(It’s noted by many that Nebula’s origin is a nightmare. She originally claimed that Thanos was her grand-father. Also in Silver Surfer Annual #5, she claimed to have a father that sexually abused her, until she killed him. So what Nebula’s true origin is, remains unknown – most simply chalk her up as a woman looking for a father figure, who is powerful; and as a result, is a pathological liar. Because research and consistency would be too much to ask for sometimes). –

The scene goes on to show that Nebula struck back at Xandar for the whole Nova Corps, and their meddling with her father (Zorr)’s conquest. The scene shows Adora returning Nova’s power to him, just as Firelord arrives.

The scene shifts to Marvel Burger, where Rich Rider and Bernie are working, when none other than their friend Ginger walks in. Rich goes over to Ginger to talk to her and notices her black eye. She brushes it off, saying that she had run into the door. Rich then dons on the Nova costume and takes her flying around the town. They stop on a rooftop to briefly talk about where their lives have taken them; when it’s cut short by a call from the police about Doctor Octopus being on the loose. Nova responds and finds him, and hits him; but before it gets any further, Spider-Man comes along to take over the fight.

Nova returns to Ginger and flies her home. They give a long farewell, unaware that they’re being watched. Rich returns to Marvel Burger where he leaves with Bernie and is picked up by Caps, outside – who insists on being called Roger these days. They drive to school where they see the new blond in school – a beautiful, and very voluminous woman named Jennifer Smith.

The scene shifts again, where Nova, Speedball and Dwayne are standing in a room and Dwayne explains that his days as Night Thrasher are over, and that the real battles aren’t being fought on the streets anymore; they’re more political and business; and he’s moving to Seattle in hopes of getting an internship with Stark-Fujikawa. Namorita shows up, her skin still blue and cracking. Dwayne and Speedball take their leave, as Namorita explains to Nova that she’s been very sick; unable to eat or sleep, because her skin burns and itches. She asks Nova to hold her, because he has always said he loved her; but he can’t. The disappointment she sees is too much; and the disappointment in himself is too much to bare, and he flies off, leaving Namorita alone and crying.

The scene shifts to Rich watching the news with Bernie and Roger, when the news reports that Gladiator (Note: Not the member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, rather the foe that Daredevil often runs into) is robbing a bank. Nova leaps at the chance to fight someone – but when he arrives, he sees it’s not Gladiator, but someone calling themselves The Grinder – wearing an outfit that has two spin buzz saws on their helmet.

Nova knocks him over, and the buzz saws cut through the floor, causing more damage while unconscious, than what he did while conscious. Nova flies off after handing The Grinder over to the police to ponder his life – when Nebula suddenly arrives, dropping a large ship into the sky; unleashing dozens of aliens all seeking revenge against Nova. Nebula manages to strike Nova from the back, after ranting about getting revenge for murdering her father (Zorr). Nova corrects her and explains that the original Nova-Prime was responsible, while he does a Nova Blast. The blast forces Nebula to retreat, unaware how weak Nova has been left.

Nova barely makes it home and crashes into his bed, when the phone rings, and it’s from Ginger frantically calling Rich – saying that her husband, Darren saw them on the roof together and now suspects her of having an affair – and he’s enraged beyond belief. Nova arrives as Darren is holding her down, an axe in her hand. Nova grabs him and punches him, sending him flying through the wall, and crashing down onto Darren’s car. At the hospital, a short time later, the doctor comes out and informs Nova and Ginger that Darren is in a coma; and if he ever does wake up, he will no doubt be paralyzed forever, as well as have permanent brain damage. Nova tries to explain that at least the abuse is over. That’s when Ginger tells Nova that she’s pregnant.