Nova #13 (V2)

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Nova #13 (V2)

The issue begins with Nova’s arms shackled behind his back, questioning what the Inhumans had planned for him next. Star-Thief explains that he was warned that two people were coming to destroy Attilan. Nova explains that they have been duped and he suspects the same people who have had it out for him – whoever they might be. He also warns them of the Deathstorm.

Star-Thief then recognizes Nova, and apologizes, citing the costume change for the reason for not recognizing him. One of the members of the Genetic Council insists on keeping Nova bound, despite Star-Thief explaining that Nova must be freed. Nova effortlessly disintegrates the bonds that hold him and tells them that he is Earth’s protector, and that if Earth falls, they can be sure that Attilan will fall as well.

Black Bolt agrees (ever so silently, yet forcibly) with Nova – and with the aid of Lockjaw, teleports Nova back to New York; where the Inhumans depart.

The scene shifts to the Shadow Consortium base, where Thera, Planner and Maxoff, walk with Condor, explaining that they will give him full access to their facilities, if he can help them by recruiting some of the most powerful villains under one team. They explain that one of their artificial machines began programming itself, giving them incredible access to machines. Condor shrugs it off, which frustrates Thera, who thinks about how angry she is that she wasn’t consulted before bringing Condor aboard.

The scene shifts to Night Thrasher, Firestar and Nova. Night Thrasher pulls up some data and asks which one Nova thinks is likely Warhead. Nova points out the one he believes to be Warhead, which Firestar informs him – that his name is Greggory Slivovitz, and he was a convicted robber, who escaped from jail, murdered a family, and was killed on the electric chair.

Nova explains that he’s somehow tied to this whole Deathstorm thing, which Night Thrasher shrugs off, saying that such a leap of logic is impossible to make. Night Thrasher and Nova seem about ready to exchange punches, when Firestar breaks up the fight. Just then Fury drops in with a signal informing them that they have uncovered the Shadow Consortium – or at least one of their bases, and sends Nova, Night Thrasher and Firestar to check it out. Things initially start smoothly, but Nova proves to be too eager to settle matters and simply breaks into their communication area.

Elsewhere Night Thrasher and Firestar finds themselves out numbered, but handle themselves all too well.

Nova manages to take out the guards, after being shot with one blast.

The scene cuts to a few hours later, and Rich is enjoying dinner with his family. After dinner, Rich goes upstairs with his brother, and begins confiding in him about the approaching Deathstorm. As Rich takes off to go take down the Shadow Consortium, his brother begins devising a way to possible find a ‘cure’ for the Deathstorm that’s coming.

The scene shifts to the Shadow Consortium, where we see three beings – claiming to be the Aakon dismiss the help of the Shadow Consortium, and insist on doing things themselves – their main goal – the destruction of the Man Called Nova…!