Nova (v7) #8

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Nova #8 (V7)

Civil War II Tie In.
The issue begins after Nova, along with a large part of the super hero community, had put a stop to an alien invasion, thanks to the precognitive vision of the Inhuman named Ulysses. After the alien’s defeat, the heroes gather at Tony Stark’s penthouse, where Nova speaks with Rogue, who acts as if it’s the first time they had met; though he had been there to fight back the Phoenix Force when it had recently returned. Sam then goes over to speak with the (new) Spider-Man (Miles Morales), who is speaking with Jean; they introduce one another, but it’s only seconds after that Spider-Man and Jean begin having a personal discussion, excluding Sam. Jean is eventually called away by Captain America. Sam returns home (very late) and finds his mother awake, who tells Sam that he can’t be an Avenger anymore; because she needs him around the house to help more. She goes on to say that the truth is, that Sam doesn’t even know how his helmet works, and when she sees him on the news fighting these mysterious aliens, it’s killing her not knowing if her young son is going to survive and come home. Too exhausted to continue, she excuses herself to go to bed. Sam reaches out to Iron Man (Tony Stark) to help figure out how his helmet works, but Tony says that he has too much going on right now to help Sam. Weeks go by, and the tension between Sam and his friends continues to grow; and Sam reaches out to Iron Man again, who is non responsive, so Sam decides he will go out and find him. When Sam arrives at Stark Tower, there’s an explosion and the Mole Monster attacks!