Darkhawk #10 (V1)

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The issue begins with Spider-Man’s villain Tombstone paying a visit to a store called Mushroom Curious Emporium, as he questions the store owner about the Darkhawk poster hanging in the window. The owner swears he knows nothing about Darkhawk. Tombstone believes the store owner and departs.

The scene shifts to Philippe Bazin in handcuffs, being pulled out by officers to stand trial in court. A reporter asks Bazin if he’s concerned that there’s supposedly a star witness for Grace Powell’s prosecution that is a witness to Bazin’s order to commit murder. The scene then changes to Julius Malone, the former accountant of Bazin, who was caught laundering money – and for immunity and a new identity decided to turn state’s witness against Bazin. Julius, despite being guarded by several armed police officers, is clearly nervous.

The scene changes to the home of Chris Powell, where Cheryl is laying on his lap and brings up how Chris had promised to tell her what was going on. Just inside the kitchen, Jason asks their mother if he can warm up the car for her. She agrees, and he takes the keys and turns the ignition. The car then suddenly explodes. Chris rushes out and pulls Jason out of the car before the gas tank ignites. He’s rushed to the hospital, where Grace’s boss, Abe, tells Grace that she needs to step down from the case, but she refuses. Bazin has made everything personal and she will see to it that he is prosecuted to the full extent for everything that he has done. Jason’s condition is critical, but within an hour he is able to at least speak. Chris excuses himself, claiming he needs fresh air, but changes into Darkhawk with the intent to go after Bazin and kill him once and for all. As he exists the hospital, he sees two men robbing another man. Darkhawk turns around and puts a stop to the crime. One of the robbers confesses that he heard that Julius was going to be killed, and Darkhawk decides he has to go and defend Juluis, since he is the key witness against Bazin.

Darkhawk arrives just as some men in flying armor arrive to terminate Julius. The men work for Foreigner, a multimillionaire individual responsible for a number of killing all across the world, including (but not limited to) Ned Leeds, the original Hobgoblin. His men are trained assassins and Darkhawk arrives just in time to draw their attention away from Julius. He manages to do so and defeat the armored men, however, when he finds Julius, he finds that he has died of a heart attack from the fear.

The scene shifts to the court, where Chris and Cheryl listen as Chris’ mother tries to lay down convincing evidence that Philippe Bazin is responsible for drug trafficking, weapons dealing, drugs, extortion, to name just a few. However, with Julius dead, there seems to be a shadow of doubt cast whether Grace can pull a guilty verdict. Chris excuses himself to get fresh air, where he sees – much to his surprise – his father. He tries to speak with his father, but Harry Lennox stops him. Grace walks out and sees Harry and tells him that she paid him to find her husband. Chris is puzzled and realizes he needs answers and goes back to Wonderland Park to see if he can find Saint Johnny. Instead he finds Tombstone beating Saint Johnny to death. Darkhawk tries to stop him, but Tombstone kills Saint Johnny and demands Darkhawk to hand over the amulet.