Darkhawk #5 (V1)

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Darkhawk #5 (V1)

The issue picks up right where the previous issue left off with Chris, in his Darkhawk armor, freaking out about his face beneath the helmet (which in the issue remains constantly under a shadow). The twins rush up, hearing loud sounds, and Darkhawk transforms back into Chris. He excuses himself, seeking answers – as he steps outside – he notices someone in a car watching the house. As he stares, the person in the car realizes they have been made and speeds away. Chris returns to Wonderland and tracks down Saint Johnny for some answers; but the responses he gets from Saint Johnny seem to make very little sense so Chris leaves, disappointed.

The next day, Chris and the rest of the family take a trip to the Manhattan Museum of Natural History, where Chris spots the gentleman that had been in the car the night before. Chris tackles the man as he pulls out a gun. The two struggle and Chris is shot in the leg. The man bolts and Chris stands up and gives chase. He chases him into a section that has been closed for remodeling, which is where Chris transforms himself into Darkhawk. As Darkhawk is giving chase however, a portal opens up – and someone wearing Darkhawk armor steps through – save for it’s only pieces of Darkhawk armor – and it’s mostly green in color. Where the amulet is, it’s been ripped out. The man calls himself Portal. Portal claims he won’t be killed on his home dimension – not after traveling the multi-verse. He tries to gun down Darkhawk, who uses his talon-hook to yank Portal’s weapon away. Portal still manages to get the drop on Darkhawk and begins to choke him until Darkhawk hits him with a blast from him chest. The fight leads into a display of the Native American Indians, where Portal exclaims, “Look at this! The heritage of my people on display for those who decimated us, to enjoy!”

Portal nearly defeats Darkhawk by throwing him into a portal – but Darkhawk escapes and manages to knock out Portal, revealing that he is no older than Chris and as suspected – a Native American. The hit man who had been after Grace tries to sneak by but is spotted by Darkhawk. Darkhawk throws him through a window and is about to continue the fight when the local police arrive, forcing Darkhawk to change back into Chris, where he is found by his mother, before lapsing into unconsciousness from the blood loss.

Chris wakes up at the hospital where he sees two Guardsmen taking Portal away, noting that his name is Charles Little Sky; someone who had, not so long ago, been caught up in a battle between the Avengers, Puma, and the U-Foes.