Darkhawk #26 (V1)

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The issue begins with Grace and Chris sitting in the principal’s office as the principal explains that he is suspending Chris for his lack of attendance. Chris, furious with what was happening, and wishing he could explain his absence from school, as being Darkhawk, simply runs out of the room. At home, Chris and his mother, Grace, arrive to find Jonathon adding more locks to the door. Chris notices that Jason, who seemed to be recovering from his initial attack in the car that had nearly killed him, but regressed once more after suffering another attack from Evilhawk. Grace explains that she wants to take him – and all of them – to counseling.

The scene shifts and we see a mysterious figure working on wielding something together…

The scene shifts once more to a diner where Chris is sitting with some friends, who inquire what’s going on with Chris, and why he has been neglecting Cheryl so much. Chris jokes that he was stuck in outer space. After dinner, Chris changes into Darkhawk and looks for some peers to talk to about his situation and how to handle it. However, he’s unable to find Spider-Man, and ends up going to go look for someone his age – The New Warriors.

He meets with the New Warriors; Speedball, Nova, Namorita, Night Thrasher, Firestar and Silhouette. They each offer their own piece of advice of how to juggle a civilian life with being a super hero when it’s suddenly interrupted when the wall explodes. They find themselves being attacked by villains of their past who are all, for the most part, known to be deceased. They defeat them and their true villain shows his face – Zarrko the Tomorrow Man!

The issue has a back story that deals with the Cabal, where they plan to terminate Jimmy Zafar, Johnny Leone, and Harry Lennox. Inside the van that the Cabal had come in, Arthur Vale, who revealed where Jimmy, Johnny and Harry were – finds himself at the end of a gun. Arthur manages to overcome the attacker with the gun and thinks about how he can redeem himself.