Nova #21 (V5)

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Nova #21 (V5)

The issue begins with Nova attempting to contact WorldMind as he does a scan on Ego the Living Planet. Worldmind contacts Nova and tells him to stand down and calm himself and that Worldmind has taken over Ego the Living Planet. At that moment, the Nova Corps appear and welcome Nova to Nu-Xandar.

Nova requests to speak with Worldmind directly, and the Nova Corps escort him through Nu-Xandar, even as Worldmind explains that he has taken over Ego the Living Planet, and began reconstructing the living planet to accommodate for the Nova Corps.

Worldmind explains that he has taken over Ego the Living Planet’s higher sentient functionality to which Nova responds that Worldmind essentially lobotomized Ego the Living Planet so that Worldmind could sublet his brain. Robbie attempts to defend Worldmind’s actions, but Richard refuses to hear it.

Nova leaves and heads back to Earth to clear his head and is greeted by the Fantastic Four, who have dealt with Ego the Living Planet in the past, and know very well what he is capable of doing. Nova explains that Ego the Living Planet is no longer a threat and is now called Nu-Xandar, home of the Nova Corps.

At the Baxter Building, Nova goes on to discuss his concern that Worldmind is being too hasty and quick with the rebuilding of the Nova Corps, and it could potentially lead to another slaughter like the Annihilation Wave had.

Robbie arrives and tries to speak on behalf of the Worldmind, before a directly holo-link allows the Worldmind to explain to the Fantastic Four that it fears that Richard’s sanity may be at sake, since neither the human body, nor the human mind, is built to house the entire Nova Force.

Worldmind explains that Nova needs to share the Nova Force with Worldmind, as Ego the Living Planet, so that it can help power Ego. Nova agrees and flies back to Ego the Living Planet, and just as he’s about to download the power into Ego – he stops and says it’s not right. The Nova Corps try to stop him, but with the full Nova Force, he easily dismisses them. Worldmind determines there’s no other course of action but to completely remove the Nova Force from Richard – and with a bolt of energy does so, leaving a naked Richard Rider in his backyard screaming.