Nova #11 (V5)

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Nova #11 (V5)

The issue begins with Nova arriving on the desolate planet of Kvch – the homeworld of the Technarchy and the birthplace of the Phalanx. However, Worldmind delivers the news that he detects no forms of life at all – throughout the entire planet. As if the entire planet were simply… dead.

Nova then says, that soon he will join the planet in death – for the Techno-Virus has continued to spread, and he has continued to fight it, at the cost of his health.

Worldmind suddenly detects movement and Nova rapidly flies to see what it is, hoping for the best, but expecting the worse.

It turns out to be a gigantic, massive, machine-like entity which Worldmind is unable to recognize. A blast catches Nova off guard – but it’s not from the machine that he was looking at – there turns out to be a second giant, machine!

Nova tries to get out of the way but collapses to the ground, screaming in pain. His body almost begins to melt into circuits, when suddenly one of the giant machines tells the other to stand down because Lifeglow has been detected.

The person that exits the machine to examine Nova is none other than the former, and believed to be deceased, New Mutant, known as Warlock. Warlock restores Nova back to some degree of health and explains that the Phalanx becomes agitated when in contact with Technarchy – and that Warlock had given Nova some of his own Lifeglow (Life Force) to restore Nova back to consciousness.

Warlock informs Nova that he, however, can not cure Nova of the Techo-Virus. When Nova asks why, Warlock explains that he is trying to save his own people from themselves – and that he has exerted himself as much as he can, simply doing that. He goes on to explain that the Technarchies have fed off Lifeglow for eons, wherever they found it. The Phalanx were a by-product of that hunger, like digestive enzymes after a feeding.

Tyro, another young Technarchy comes along complaining that the drill was ended before it was done. Seeing Nova, it asks Warlock if it can absorb Nova’s Lifeglow. Warlock grows angry with Tyro, telling him that they can not simply feed on every living organism. Warlock explains that he is a “mutant” among his own kind, because he does not carry the “aggressive gene” that regular Technarchy are born with – and that he has given this over to Tyro, in hopes that Tyro can be like Warlock.

The scene shifts to Gamora and Drax landing on Kvch. As they move through the planet – they suddenly stop – their bodies contorting – they voices screaming – as they morph into a summoning tower.

The scene shifts again, and suddenly Tyro begins screaming – his body turning into wild circuits. Warlock recognizes that Tyro is responding to some kind of signal – checking the scanners Warlock finds the summoning tower that Gamora and Drax formed – calling it a babel tower. He explains to Nova that all is lost, because a Siredam is being summoned – an all out, adult, aggressive Technarchy!