New Warriors #13 (V4)

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New Warriors #13 (Volume 4)

This issue begins with Officer Givens and Officer Sykes facing off against Tony Stark. Tony informs them that without his help, both of their careers as Detectives are over because of the Seismic fiasco which resulted in the loss of life of five hostages. Tony then informs them that they will be a part of a Task Force he’s putting together that has the sole duty of bringing in the New Warriors.

Back to the New Warriors dealing with Machinesmith, with Tempest still in his grasp, both Skybolt and Phaser make a move to try and rescue her – but Machinesmith bats them away effortlessly. Decibel tries to lend a hand and Machinesmith turns on him, filling his body with spiked bullets.

Just as Machinesmith is about to deliver the final blow, the wall behind him explodes; and standing there is Night Thrasher in a heavily modified armor set, with Ripcord, Renascence, Black Wing and Wondra ready for battle.

But that’s not all. Floating down behind him is the Destroyer armor, Nimrod, and Iron Man’s Hulk Buster armor – all being controlled by Kaz, Aja and Gracie remotely.

They manage to knock Machinesmith off balance and Night Thrasher commands that Kaz, Aja and Gracie leave and go find Machinesmith’s mainframe while the New Warriors pour on the fight.

Night Thrasher tells the others to get out without him and that he would buy Kaz and the others the time they needed.

Kaz, Gracie and Aja locate the mainframe, but are greeted by Machinesmith. They manage to battle the multiple Machinesmith’s and infiltrate his defenses. The effect is beneficial to the Warriors, as those battling him see him suddenly start to break down. Night Thrasher explains that Machinesmith’s armor is made of Nanites; with the virus commanding them to polarize. Without that, the armor begins to break down to its component elements, essentially making his armor “melt.”

The New Warriors manage to escape just before Machinesmith’s entire base explodes.

Back at the New Warriors HQ, Wondra once again confronts Night Thrasher in front of the others stating that Night Thrasher had manipulated them for some reason; because when she had mentioned the Techno-Organic Virus to Machinesmith, he honestly had no idea what she was talking about.

She goes on to accuse Night Thrasher of the fact that the Transmap was bogus from the start – and that she questioned how Night Thrasher had managed to put something together that appeared to be far more advanced than anything the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and even the X-Men’s Cerebro was ever capable of doing.

Night Thrasher simply replies, “I did what I had to do. For the good of the team. For the good of the cause.”

Phaser immediately snaps back that his sister, Longstrike, died for the team; died for the cause and he demanded to know what this was about.

Night Thrasher then comments that Decibel is hurt and in need of medical attention.

Wondra watches Night Thrasher walk off and says, “This isn’t over. Not even by a long shot.”

The scene shifts to a little later, where Midnight’s Fire meets Night Thrasher on the roof and gives him the Book of Shadows. Night Thrasher explains there’s one more book to collect and Midnight’s Fire says, “I hope it’s not what I think it is. You’re playing with fire. One mistake…”

Night Thrasher cuts him off, takes the book and says, “Let me worry about that.”