Darkhawk #11 (V1)

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The issue begins with Tombstone and Darkhawk fighting. Darkhawk tries to cut Tombstone open, but finds his flesh resistant to injury. Tombstone grabs him but Darkhawk uses his chest blast to knock Tombstone back. Darkhawk hears Saint Johnny moaning and is thankful to discover that he is still alive. This however, gives Tombstone the time he needs to recover and strike Darkhawk from behind.

The scene switches to the court where Grace Powell has Mr. Duprey on the stand as he contradicts his own story, fearful for his own life. Cheryl mutters a complaint which Bazin’s daughter, Allegra hears. The two exchange a few words. Brodrick, Allegra’s brother, rapidly escorts her out as the judge calls order within the court.

The scene shifts to Jonathan sitting at Jason’s side at the hospital. Down the hall, one of the hospital employees is grabbed, and another man takes his place, heading for Jason’s room.

Elsewhere, Darkhawk finds himself in great danger, as Tombstone throws him around before slamming him into the floor and begins physically ripping out the amulet from Darkhawk’s chest! However, Tombstone is suddenly struck by a canister of tear gas as a mysterious figure appears and grabs Darkhawk, muttering how he had tried to warn Darkhawk about the curse.

Back at the courthouse, Allegra is brought into a room with her father during one of the breaks, where he scorns her for causing a scene in the courtroom, telling her that he needs her to appear sympathetic. He warns her, forcibly, that if he is thrown in jail, he won’t be there to help her out of all the trouble she seems to find for herself. He also shows her the headline in the newspaper that notes that the explosion that put Jason in the hospital may have been done and executed by Bazin’s orders.

The scene shifts back to Darkhawk, and the mysterious figure who remains in the shadows. The figure tells Darkhawk that the amulet is a curse, and he had been the “Darkhawk” before Chris and it brought him nothing but ill fortunate, so he tried to destroy it. When he couldn’t he brought it to Wonderland, hoping that when the park was demolished, the amulet would be buried and never found. The figure tells Darkhawk that he needs to get rid of it and its curse before its too late, and departs.

Tombstone reappears and he and Darkhawk continue their fight.

At the hospital Jason sees a man walk into the room and tries to warn Jonathan, but is unable to. The man then begins to suffocate Jason, after knocking out Jonathan. However, Mike Powell arrives and saves his sons. Jonathan wakes up in time to see his father run off as doctors and nurses rush into the room.

Back at the courtroom, Allegra overhears her father discussing the attempted murder of Grace’s son among other shady business transactions and how he will make the Powell family pay. As Court resumes, Allegra calls Cheryl over and slaps her across the face.

The scene shifts back to Darkhawk being thrown around by Tombstone. Darkhawk has the advantage for a moment, until Tombstone grabs the amulet and physically rips it from Darkhawk’s chest. Victorious, Tombstone looms over Darkhawk, promising to end his suffering.