Nova #9 (V2)

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Nova #9 (V2)

The issue begins with Warhead and Murder standing over Nova – but before they can deliver the Coup De Grace, they are interrupted by their ship bursting through the trees, with Strangler’s arm stuck in the closed doors of the ship. This brief interruption allows Nova time to recover; so he surprises them by ripping the ground beneath their feet and flying away; pondering what they meant by answering for some crimes.

Nova returns, landing a punch that knocks Warhead off of his feet. He dodges Murder, and makes mention of the satellite exploding; to which Murder tells him that he is in way over his head, and an entire Global Organization is interested in seeing Nova being taken down.

The scene cuts back to Bernie and Caps in the ship, struggling to keep it in the air. Strangler begins ripping open the door, informing them that he will save the ship – but he plans on rendering their flesh from their bones when he’s done.

The scene cuts back to Nova, who realizes his battle is taking too long and that he must help save Bernie and Caps. He throws a large boulder, which Warhead effortlessly breaks in half. He then blasts both Warhead and Murder; rendering Warhead and Murder unconscious. He then flies up to the ship and throws Strangler from the ship.

However, as they struggle to regain control of the ship, Warhead bursts through the ship, glowing. Nova and Warhead lock into combat, seemingly evenly matched, causing more destruction to the ship, which has gone into a nose dive, than to one another. Nova hits him with another blast from the eyes, which finally overloads Warhead. Warhead reveals that Nova is responsible for the death of his brother; Nova offers to help Warhead off the ship, regardless; but Warhead refuses. Grabbing Bernie and Caps, Nova flies them off the ship only moments before impact.

The scene shifts to Nick Fury talk to the president, assuring him that S.H.I.E.L.D. is making a team to deal with Nova.

The scene cuts back to Bernie, Caps and Rich arriving home, pondering how they’re going to pay for the destroyed cottage.

The scene shifts again, where a janitor greets Mister Benchley. The janitor makes a remark about Benchley’s investigation, then proceeds to kill him with the handle of the mop, but running it through his chest.

In an unknown location, three figures speak about the losses of the day – everything from the satellite, a space ship, some of the best operatives, among other things. They agree that something must be done – and done soon. The three reveal their plans, entitled Project: Ram Head, in which they plan to control the solar system and all forms of space travel.