Nova (V8) #4

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Nova #4 (V8)The issue begins with Sam asking Lina out on a date, and she agrees. The scene cuts to Rich returning to his “home” where he’s greeted by someone attacking him. He looks up and sees that it’s Gamora – just the person he was looking to talk to. The scene cuts back to Sam dealing with his younger sister, Kaelynn. The scene cuts back to Gamora and Nova; where she mentions that Star-Lord returned from the CancerVerse; Thanos had returned; Black Bolt had returned; but Rich remained “dead” for years, and was suddenly back. Rich explained that he wanted to tell her but there were some things he needed to sort out first.

The issue cuts back to Sam, with him picking up Lina, and explaining that his mother has to drive them, because he doesn’t have his license yet. The scene shifts once more back to Rich and Gamora, who are clearly having trouble talking, and not paying attention, when they suddenly find themselves surrounded by several would-be muggers. At that same moment, Sam and Lina stumble across several men beating up on a homeless man. Sam steps up, and gets punched for it, but the men beating the homeless man, leave, high-fiving one another. The scene cuts back to Rich and Gamora who are making quick work of their own muggers. There are several panels going back and forth, showing Sam and Lina having a great date night; and several of Rich and Gamora, with the final panel, having them kissing, while the final panel for Sam and Lina, has them sitting next to each other, hand in hand.

Suddenly, Rich buckles, his skin turning purple, and he tells Gamora he has to leave, and that he apologizes but there’s something he must do, sensing that Sam’s sister has put on a Nova helmet that the purple alien creature had crawled under (from the previous issue).