TURBO (Mickey Musashi)

Turbo (II)

Real Name: Michiko ‘Mickey’ Musashi
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States Citizen with a criminal record.
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: New Warriors, Excelsior, Loners
First Appearance: New Warriors (Vol. 1) #28
History: Mike Jeffries, who had promised his good friend, Michiko ‘Mickey’ Musashi a costume for a party, finally resorted to going up to his parents attic, where he had found a dusty footlocker and pried it open, and discovered an unusual costume, unaware that it was the Torpedo costume work by his cousin, Brock Jones. Several scientists, who had been working on the Torpedo long before Brock Jones had originally taken it from them, suddenly saw the suit’s activation signal again. A group of Rocketeers were dispatched to recover the costume, but Mickey was able to instinctively tap into the suit’s powers and dispatched them. Mike Jefferies, who had been a comic book fan, and longed to be a superhero cursed himself for letting his good friend have the costume.

However, his good friend, Michiko ‘Mickey’ Musashi, had no interest in becoming a “superhero” and thought that the notion of such, was a ridiculous one. She did however, agreed to share “ownership” of the unusual costume. While Mike had wanted to become a superhero, Mickey’s only interest was using the suit’s power to travel the world, visiting Europe several times while having the ownership of the suit. During one of her trips, she stumbled across a smuggling operation by the super villains, Cardinal and Sea Urchin, but immediately fled the scene when they opened fire on her. She would eventually feel guilty over fleeing, and don the costume again, this time assisting the New Warriors in capturing both Cardinal and Sea Urchin.

She eventually agreed to help train with the New Warriors, to gain a better understanding and control over the costume. During their first training session, they were attacked by Cardinal and his team, called Air Force. While it was Mike who was wearing the Turbo costume, at the time of the attack, he had been utterly humiliated, and it was Mickey who devised a plan that resulted in the defeat of Cardinal and his Air Force team. Mickey was the natural user of the Turbo armor, while Mikey seemed to struggle. He eventually seceded to the idea that Mickey was just better suited for it, despite her reluctance in becoming a hero. Time and time again, the New Warriors called on her for assistance, eventually helping them battle Sphinx. She sought to retire eventually, thinking that it would allow Mike a chance to take over and resume the role of Turbo. However, Volx, a Dire Wraith, seeking out the Torpedo armor had tracked it down and murdered Mike, and took his place. As Mike, Volx was able to trick the New Warriors into handing the Torpedo Armor over to her – where she revealed her true self. The New Warriors were able to help defeat Volx, and she was apparently killed by Night Thrasher (though she would resurface again, years later, alive, only to die again).

The New Warriors eventually parted ways, and regrouped years later, where Mickey was re-invited to the team. She had appeared with a redesigned version of the costume, that Mike had drafted up before being murdered by Volx. During this time, she dated a man by the name of Dalton Beck, unaware that he had targeted her, and that he was a mercenary by the name of Firestrike, and a member of a team called Heavy Mettle, which was funded by the crime-lord, Joe Silvermane. Mickey felt very strongly for Dalton, their relationship growing much stronger than either of them had intended; and she revealed her true identity to him. When the time came to kill Mickey, Dalton turned on his team and helped the New Warriors defeat Heavy Mettle. Mickey, distraught and heart broken, rejected all of Dalton’s attempts to apologize, as she turned him over to the authorities. After some time, she reconsidered and visited him in jail, only to discover he was entering the Witness Protection Program, and would not be able to have any contact with her.

She eventually gave up being Turbo, and completed her college school, landing a job in Los Angeles, with the help of her friend, Phil Urich, who had also had experience with the New Warriors, as the heroic version of the Green Goblin. The two of them founded the Loners, a support group for young, ex-superheroes. Rick Jones took an interest in their group and paid them a handsome amount of money to pursue and capture The Runaways, a team of young teen aged, super powered heroes, in need of training. This led to a battle against Ultron, in which they were victorious, once again, gaining the attention of Rick Jones, who promised to fund the team.

She eventually developed a rocky relationship with Chris Powell, better known as Darkhawk.

Height: 5’6″
Weight: 112 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

Powers: Directed Wind Gusts, flight, turbine boosted attacks, armor is self-cleaning and can alter itself including color changes. The armor is also able to detect Dire Wraiths.

Accessories: None

Note: Mickey is currently in college as a journalism student.