Justice #2 (LS)

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Justice #2 (LS)

The issue opens up with the wedding of Vance Astrovik and Angelica Jones. They walk hand in hand, their life leading this perfect moment. Angelica’s father is there, smiling and proud of her daughter.

The scene shifts to a few years later where we see Hilary, the daughter of Vance and Angelica banging several beer cans together. Though an infant, Vance smacks the cans out of her hand, leaving her to cry. Angelica scorns him for his actions and takes Hilary into her hands to comfort their child.

Another scene shift and we see Anderson Gaulthing sorting through an assortment of information based on Vance Astrovik. He explains that they must be very careful about Project: 90210.

The scene shifts again to Firestar speaking with Ms. Kelly Hitchuck and Father Michael Janes. The three of them are discussing their concern for Vance who hasn’t been seen in several days.

Another scene shift, and we see Vance laying on the floor. The scene seems to crumble and tumble where once again we see an older version of Vance, where once again he is married to Angelica Jones. Vance heads upstairs to turn down the radio that his daughter, Hilary, is blaring loudly. He enters and finds Robbie Baldwin and his daughter making out on the bed. He forces Robbie to leave and proceeds to beat his daughter.

We see Vance shoved through a wall, with his daughter Hilary wearing the same original costume that Vance wore as “Marvel Boy.” And she tells him that she will not make the same mistake he did and live with the guilt as he has.

Vance slowly comes to, and realizes that the entire wedding, daughter had all been some form of mentally induced imagery. However, when he comes to he and Firestar fight amongst one another before Firestar defeats him and subdues him. That is when Janice Ian appears and Firestar and Justice learn that it’s the same Hate Monger whom they had encountered previously (see Avengers 341-342). Hate Monger explains that he is a moth and the hate, guilt and anger that Justice and others feel are all raging fires that draw him to them.