Darkhawk #16 (V1)

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The issue opens up with Chris Powell sitting in a radio station, with the “On Air” sign behind him flashing on. He begins speaking about how he is Darkhawk, and how his life led up to him becoming Darkhawk; going into detail about how he had seen his father take a payment from Bazin. How he had tried to interfere when Bazin was going to kill his father, which led to Bazin’s men going after Chris. He spoke freely of how he found the amulet that turned him into Darkhawk and allowed him to beat Bazin’s men. He spoke of how his path led him to fight against Tombstone who had wanted the amulet for himself. He spoke of how he had landed on some island and encountered one of Spider-Man’s most deadly enemies, Venom. He spoke of the final battle between himself, Bazin and how his father was shot as was Bazin; both bodies washed away in the tide just after Darkhawk lapsed into unconsciousness himself.

The scene shifts and we see a new organization, going by the name of Peristrike Force gathering. Three of them, however, have no weapons, and when one of the members asks why, the woman simply answers, “Because we are the weapons.”

The scene shifts to a hotel in Manhattan, where a man by the name of Doctor Vonya appears very nervous. Several FBI agents assure him that he’s safe in their hands, but Dr. Vonya is clearly disbelieving of those reassuring words.

The scene shifts back to Chris Powell in the radio room, continuing his confession where he speaks of Jason being released from the hospital, with good chances of a full recovery; ironically, Chris’ friend, Steve “Headset” was released from the hospital the same day, having suffered a near fatal bullet wound that had ricocheted during the battle against several weapons dealers. He goes on to talk about how the next few days had been no better, since it had been the funeral of his father, where they had buried an empty coffin, since his father’s body (as well as that of Bazin) had both washed away after the fight on Bazin’s island. Chris mentioned how his girlfriend, Cheryl did not show at the funeral. She claimed to have had a family crisis; but many of Chris’ own family did not show, shamed that Mike Powell had been accused of being on the take. Despite the journal that they had found that explained Mike had taken the money to invest on fighting the very mobsters he had taken the money from, most had believed that they had made it up to clear Mike’s name. Chris does comment, that at the funeral, at least Jason is walking, even if it takes a great amount of effort. As they were driving off, he spoke about how he saw another funeral, of people very nicely dressed, with big fancy, expensive cars; and then he saw Allegra, Broderick and Andrew – Bazin’s children. It had been Bazin’s funeral. He knew that somehow Allegra was tied to Broderick’s confession that convicted his own father, but he had not known the details.

Chris goes on to talk about how his friends tried to comfort him at school, which is not what he had wanted. Furious he left, went in search of a crime in progress, changed into Darkhawk and let himself go. Taking down criminals, easily, he then returned to Wonderland, which was due to be turned into Condos until the recession had hit. In search of Saint Johnny or the man who claimed to be the “predecessor” to Chris as Darkhawk; but there was no sign or clue as to where either of them had gone. It was Steve “Headset” who told Chris to get a job at the radio station RCK. Just then, the actual radio jockey walked in and thanked Chris for watching the CD to make sure it played properly and asked him to make copies of a document for him, proving that everything Chris had been saying into the microphone had not actually aired; but it had made Chris feel better simply getting it off his chest, as if he had actually aired everything he mentioned.

The scene shifts to Chris Powell playing some basketball when his amulet accidentally strikes Krammer in the eye. Krammer reacts quickly, but Chris immediately grabs the amulet, ready to change into Darkhawk. It’s only the arrival of the teacher breaking up the fight that cools Chris down. Chris returns to his locker, putting the amulet in the locker so he can play basketball. However, Chris is reminded by Mrs. Bauer that he is supposed to speak at a lecture. At that very lecture, Peristrike Force arrives to abduct Doctor Anatoly Vonya. Immediately visible are Scattershot, who is able to blast plasma from her hands and Volga Belle, whose flesh seemed to be made of some form of armored protection, as well as being exceptionally strong. The third and final member of the Peristrike Force team arrives; Siberion, who is capable of manipulating ice. Chris arrives and realizes what’s happened, but now his Darkhawk amulet is in the locker, so he tries to sneak to the locker to get it but one of the armed members of the Soviet Force is there to greet him with a gun, demanding whatever it is that is in his locker.