Nova (V8) #7

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Nova #7 (V8)The issue opens up, taking a step back, showing Sam Alexander flying into the tear of fabric that leads to the Cancerverse to try and save Rich Rider. Rich however has adopted an alien form, now merged with an infected Worldmind. Sam explains that ever since he got the Nova helmet all he’s ever heard about is “Rich Rider – the guy who always kept fighting. Who never gave up. The best there ever was.” He asks Rich to prove it – and to fight off the CancerVerse effect. At first it has no effect, until Sam begins quoting Rich Rider about the Novas never give up, they never quit. Rich begins fighting the Cancerverse effects, and shaking off the corrupted Worldmind’s influence.

Sam helps by blasting at the alien appendage that is coming out of Rich’s mouth. Rich manages to grab it and rip it out of his system, throwing it down and crushing it beneath his heel, before blasting it with the Nova Force. Worldmind explains it was a bad idea; and Rich turns to face hundreds of the aliens infected by the Cancerverse. Sam tells Rich to just blast the tear open so they can escape, and Rich explains that he can’t; he used all the power already to get back into the Cancerverse. Rich tries to talk to Worldmind; but Worldmind explains it felt every death of every Nova Corp member; and the pain it endured each time; and that here, in the Cancerverse there is no death, no more pain to feel. A Cancerverse version of Thanos shows up, and Rich blasts it in the face, while Sam flies over and grabs the Cosmic Cube from its hands. Together, Sam and Rich power the Cosmic Cube enough to allow them to escape; and Rich bids the Worldmind farewell, leaving it trapped in the Cancerverse.

We see some panels of Sam playing with his sister and watching movies with Lina; while Rich visits with his mother, friends, and Gamora. The final panel shows Sam and Rich flying off together.