Real Name: Andrew Chord
Aliases: None
Identity: Publicly Known
Occupation: Formerly member of Executive Board of Taylor Foundation; former sergeant in US Army; member of Half-Fulls; former mercenary; former trainer of Night Thrasher and the rest of the New Warriors; former pilot of the New Warriors.
Citizenship: American Citizen With No Known Criminal Record
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Miyami (Wife, Deceased), Midnight’s Fire (Son), Silhouette Chord (Daughter), Tai (Mother In Law, Deceased)
Group Affiliation: New Warriors (Formerly)
First Appearance: Thor #411
History: Life for Andrew Chord has been a normal one; but that would drastically change when he began his career in the army during the Vietnam War. With his unit, who called themselves the “Half Fulls”, they searched for a possible locations to create landing bases for American Aircrafts. His unit consisted of himself, Daryl Taylor (the father of Night Thrasher), Diego Cassaes (later known as the Left Hand), and the other men who would become the fathers of the team that would become The Folding Circle). Just north of the Se Kong River in Cambodia, they stumbled across a mysterious building known as the Temple of the Dragon’s Breadth; along with an English speaking Cambodian geriatric named Tai who restrained them via magic.

She explained that they needed to mate with the six women from their cult, and that their children would grow up to be very special. Five of the six men agreed; only Daryl Taylor refused his mate, because he was already married back in the states.

Chord was married to Tai’s only daughter, Miyami and brought his new bridge home with him to the United States. She would eventually give birth to two biracial children, Silhouette and Midnight’s Fire. Fearing Tai’s manipulations and intentions, Miyami took her children and faked her death in an explosive car accident. The children were left in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Chord believed his wife and children to be dead, so with no chains to bind him, he began traveling the world looking for who he was. This path led him into becoming a mercenary, where at some point he crossed paths with the time-traveling Cable. Unable to find happiness, Chord returned to the Temple of the Dragon’s Breadth, where he renewed his association with his mother-in-law, Tai.

Learning from Chord, the fate of his children, Tai sought a replacement to fulfill Chord’s role in the pact. Tai manipulated things so that Chord renewed his friendship with Daryl Taylor and his wife Melody. Chord even became the godfather of their son, Dwayne Taylor. Tai then told Chord to kill Daryl and Melody to fulfill his role in the pact. Chord did as she asked, reluctantly so, killing them both in a crowded restaurant. Tai, seeing that Dwayne had been present, erased his mind of the event, and who had been responsible.

Dwayne grew up in the hands of Chord and Tai, training to one day get revenge on those who had killed his parents. They also took over Dwayne’s business affairs, since Daryl was the owner of the wealthy Taylor Foundation. Dwayne would come to meet Silhouette and Midnight’s Fire in his early teen years and develop a friendship with them. Neither Chord nor Tai recognized the children as Chord’s very own children. Dwayne’s interest in Silhouette developed further, as he became romantically involved with her.

However, all of that came to an end, when Silhouette was crippled during a failed undercover operation against a Korean gang.

With the urging of Tai and Chord, Dwayne formed a superhero team by the name of “The New Warriors.” Chord initially served as their pilot, taking them places they needed to go; all the while Tai’s intent had been to prepare them for the sacrifice in the Well of the Dragon’s Breadth, along with the rest of the Folding Circle.

Dwayne eventually uncovered the financial abuse Chord had been involved in, using the Taylor Foundation – and rather than answer to it, Chord took his gun to his head and pulled the trigger, in an attempt to commit suicide. The attempt, however, was a failure and Chord managed to survive. Weeks on end in the hospital, Chord one day confessed to murdering Dwayne’s parents. While there, Miyami also came to visit him – Tai, learning of Miyami’s deception, killed her own daughter.

Chord was healed partially by the dark magics of Tai; and it still took months of rehab to recover from his injuries.

Tai’s end would come however, when she attempted to sacrifice the New Warriors and the Folding Circle, when Dwayne killed her before she could complete the sacrifice.

Chord and his former mercenary buddy, Sprocket, helped Dwayne discover the truth behind his father’s illegitimate son, Donyell. Chord also helped reform a new version of the New Warriors to help track down the time displaced Warriors after their battle with the Sphinx.

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None
Powers: None.
Accessories: Varies; Andrew Chord is an excellent shot with a gun.

Note: As a mercenary, Andrew Chord is exceptional with the use of guns, knives and other weapons. He also has a large list of contacts.