Darkhawk #43 (V1)

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Portal shows up and tells Chris that Darkhawk has left. Chris demands to know where Darkhawk has gone, but Portal is unimpressed by his threats. Chris turns around and leaves, and Portal goes through his teleport dimension he’s created to leave. Chris meanwhile walks through the subway, torn between being normal now, and suddenly being powerless. At the same time, The Shaper, has taken to the skies calling out for Darkhawk to show himself. He lands on the roof where Darkhawk had last been seen by the news and is disappointed to find that Darkhawk has already gone. He creates an energy form of Darkhawk and smashes it, promising that he will indeed destroy Darkhawk.

Aboard the Darkhawk Ship, Ned begins to research the one alien who has been hanging in the status field for a very long time…

The scene shifts to Chris at the Radio Station, with him and Laura carrying some equipment. Chris thanks Laura again, who once again offers him a way to thank her, but just then Chris slips and loses his grip on the radio equipment; he acts quickly and grabs Laura and dives to the side, saving her life from being struck by the equipment. Chris and Laura get close when suddenly Marley opens the door to check on them; Laura asks if it will come out of her paycheck, but Marley, seeing what had happened, brushes it off and explains that he had been looking for a reason to get rid of it.

In an unnamed space and dimension, Portal ponders how he’s become a super hero, because of his promise to Darkhawk, and considers forgetting he ever made the promise, believing that he’s never been a super hero, and that that type of responsibility shouldn’t be his.

The scene shifts to Chris asking the Principle of his school to see if he can return. The principle allows him, on the promise that if Powell screws up just one more time, he’s out for good. At the cafeteria, he meets with his friends, who question where he had gone for his parent’s part (you can read about it in Darkhawk Annual #3). Chris meets someone by the name of Dean Coburn, who explains he understands what it’s like to be out of school for a long time, and come back to try and fit in. Elsewhere, Chris’ father, Mike Powell stands before the Police Department Chief, who explains that they’re not pressing charges against him because of his involvement with the Savage Steel Cabal; only because he helped bring them down. They also inform him that by the same token, they can not offer him his job back. Back to Chris, he manages to find a place to live with some people who seem to be his age, and all right.

Later that night, Portal returns to Earth to honor his promise to Darkhawk to keep watch over the people, only to find himself almost immediately attacked by The Shaper, who explains he was looking for Darkhawk, but Portal would do for now. Portal fires at Shaper, but misses and strikes a chimney that begins crumbling and threatening people below. He teleports down to the ground and blasts the chimney again, but the distraction allows The Shaper to strike Portal while he’s distracted.

In Null Space, we see a small ship locate the Darkhawk ship; and though they are shadows; they swear to get revenge!

On Earth, Jason and Jon are fighting over a letter about a school that has accepted Jon; Jason yells that his parents didn’t even submit for him; Chris shows up and tries to calm the brothers. Grace takes them while Chris’ father talks to him. As they’re talking the news comes on and shows The Shaper battling Portal; with Portal losing the fight. Some construction workers jump in to try and stop The Shaper; but one touch from each hand kills two of them, the third flees; but the Shaper uses a fender to make a spear and throws it at the construction worker, killing him. He turns his attention to Portal.