Darkhawk #21 (V1)

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Darkhawk is seen putting an end to an armed robbery, which he manages to successfully do without anyone coming to harm. However, as he departs, his mind is suddenly assaulted by a great pain, and the amulet on his chest glows a violent shade of pink. He believes for a moment that it might be Psi-Wolf or Sauron, but the pain is something that he’s never felt before. He reverts himself to Chris Powell and barely feels the searing pain in his head anymore. He runs home where he sees Jason setting up a security system, Jonathan however, who is sitting in the chair remains quiet. Chris thinks about how Jonathan is doing much better physically, after being caught in the explosion that was meant to kill their mother; but emotionally he is traumatized.

Grace takes the kids to Mike Powell’s grave, where they visit. Chris asks his mother if he can stay a moment longer, and informs her that he will catch a taxi back home later. While Chris is there, he is surprised by Allegra Bazin, who also happens to be there. She recognizes him as Grace’s son, Chris, since Grace had been the one that prosecuted her father. Allegra asks if he is still seeing Cheryl (who she calls “Cherise”). Chris explains that he is – sort of – but his life has become very complicated. Allegra acknowledges that, saying that she had gone to Europe to pursue some school, but got bored and came back when she was worried about her brothers. As they’re talking, Chris spots an approaching car and grabs Allegra and tackles her, just as shots are fired at them.

Allegra’s men show up, and she scorns them, saying that she wished that she didn’t have to have bodyguards everywhere she went. Chris is impressed on how she handles herself. She offers him a ride home but he declines, but even as she’s pulling away, he finds himself thinking of her.

At home Chris is surprised to see Cheryl sitting with his family. She’s happy to see Chris, and when he says that they should talk, for once she brushes the seriousness aside, and tells him she wants to see if they can still have fun together. And he accidentally says, “That sounds just like what the doctor ordered, Allegra.” Which, with good reason, upsets Cheryl and she leaves. Chris decides that he should take a look at the scene of attack at the graveyard, unsure if the hit was on Allegra or himself. He’s surprised when he sees someone by the name of “Mr. Stevens” ordering a larger man by the name of Lonny to dig up Philippe Bazin’s grave! Inside the casket is numerous items of power and antiques that Bazin had collected over the many years, which his family had placed in the casket. Mr. Stevens is about to murder Lonny, when Chris changes into Darkhawk and intervenes. Mr. Stevens grabs a rob from the casket and transforms his body into a demonic creature with several limbs, some of them with nothing but gaping maws, lined with endless rows of teeth. He grabs Lonny and bites his head off with one of the limbs. Darkhawk leaps onto the demonic Mr. Stevens, and is suddenly struck by another searing head pain that allows the demonic Mr; Stevens to gain the advantage!