Darkhawk #28 (V1)

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Zarrko and Servitor begin the issue by examining a hologram of Darkhawk, and explaining how everything centers around Darkhawk. When Darkhawk and the New Warriors (Speedball, Nova, Namorita, Night Thrasher, Silhouette, and Firestar) arrive, Zarrko explains that someone has apparently killed Kang the Conquerer once and for all (in Avengers Annual #21), but that his girlfriend Ravonna is bent on destroying all the time lines. Zarrko explains that what he wants them to go is go and steal Kang’s body and bring it to him. This will make her emotionally unstable, and cease her mission of destroying the time lines; and allowing Zarrko an attempt to conquer them, he freely admits, and acknowledges that the New Warriors and Darkhawk, will no doubt, at that time, try to stop him, which he agrees to.

They arrive in Chronopolis, which is where Zarrko drops them off at the recover Kang’s body.

Darkhawk is the first to be seen. He lands in what appears to be a futuristic version of New York City. As he begins flying to the center of the city, he is apprehended by futuristic police on floating motorcycles. He puts up a fight, but one of the officers manages to strike him from the back, where he plummets toward the ground, seemingly unconscious.

Speedball and Silhouette are seen next, where they seem to have landed somewhere in the past, where dinosaurs still roam. After dealing with some dinosaurs, Speedball and Silhouette begin making their way to the center.

Next we see Night Thrasher and Firestar land in the middle of what appears to be a roman battle. They try to explain themselves, but the Romans only seem to speak Greek, so Night Thrasher and Firestar are forced to go on the offensive. Firestar flies into the air and incinerates their weapons, and suddenly the Romans hail her as a goddess, allowing Night Thrasher and Firestar to make their escape.

Nova and Namorita land in distant Japan. The Japanese don’t seem thrilled to see them, and begin surging forward. Namorita keeps them at bay – and that’s when Nova spots an American Plane by the name of “Enola Gay” – and realizes that’s the plane that drops the A-Bomb on Hiroshima. Nova tries to stop it but Nita stops him, explaining that they can’t tamper with the timeline on such a historic event, and that it must happen. Nita delays Nova long enough for the bomb to go off, forcing Nita and Nova to try and escape the cloud and head for the center of Chronopolis.

The scene shifts and we see one of the construction workers inform Grace that he can’t fix the house, because there is no insurance to cover it. She tries to explain that she forgot one payment, but the worker is forced to not finish the job. Jason begins to truly dislike Chris for not being there when their mother needed them the most, and he swears to himself, that he will make Chris pay.

The scene switches to Darkhawk again, landing in the alley. He switches back to Chris, to allow the Darkhawk body to heal, when his amulet is taken by a futuristic punk. An old man steps up and tells the young punk to return the amulet, and that, “The Powell has arrived to save us.”

The punk returns the amulet and asks forgiveness. The cops arrive again, and Darkhawk protects the innocent. One of the cops notes Darkhawk’s shield and wonders if he is The Powell, and that they should do an emergency landing before he shoots to kill. This puzzles Darkhawk, but before he can ask anyone, they have fled after he’s taken care of the cops.

The scene shifts and we discover that the entire concept of getting Kang’s body is a ruse by Zarrko – his true intention is to harvest the energy the New Warriors and Darkhawk are creating to power his “Time Bomb” which he plans to set off in the middle of Chronopolis, that would send ripples through the time stream, wiping out Kang, and making Zarrko the undisputed ruler of the time stream!