Nova #36 (V5)

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Nova #36 (V5)

The issue opens up with Nova at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. and speaking with Quasar, who has returned to a solid form. Nova talks to Quasar about being worried what was happening at Project PEGASUS, because all he could reach was a recording, so he figured he’d come and check and make sure everything is all right. Quasar assures him that everything is all right; and that they have locked down Project PEGASUS simply to ensure that nothing came back with him from his scouting into The Fault. He also explains that his scouting into the Fault is what allowed him to become solid once more. Nova looks at Quasar and says, “Funny, that’s exactly what Quasar told me when he reached out to me… from the Shi’ar Home World… last night.” Indicating that there is no way for Quasar to have been in Project PEGASUS the entire time.

The “Quasar” being attacks Nova, but Nova deflects the blasts and strikes back hitting “Quasar.” Nova contacts Darkhawk who is in the sub-level of Project PEGASUS. Darkhawk explains that he’s right on top of the mysterious signal that Worldmind detected in Project PEGASUS. When he opens the door, Darkhawk sees a creature coming through a rift that resembles a demon from some kind of nightmare; a huge brown mass of flesh, with a giant mouth, and numerous tentacles; eyes all over the creature, with one massive eye above its giant maw, filled with rows of endless teeth. Director Gruenwald arrives, and explains that since Darkhawk has seen the Horrorscope, he must be killed.

Meanwhile, Nova continues to battle “Quasar” and manages to knock him back for a second. Nova lands and tells Doctor Necker that she has to get her people out of Project PEGASUS. However, when she looks at him, Nova can see that she’s clearly been possessed as well. The Guardsmen arrive and begin attacking Nova, who is then additionally beat down by “Quasar.”

The issue goes to a point six hour before… Nova explains to the others, the plan is to go to Project PEGASUS and find out what’s going on. Namorita, who explains it’s so weird seeing Nova so even tempered and so assure of himself, because in her time line, she fell for the hot headed “human rocket” only the day before. Nova explains he would be glad to help her through the transition, and the two begin to get close and intimate, and Darkhawk pipes in with, “And I am sure you can get a room.” Worldmind plays a message from the real Quasar, that they got just nineteen minutes ago, where he explains his exploration into The Fault, where he found “dark” versions of all the heroes and that he was with the Shi’ar.

The issue returns to the present, with Nova being attacked by “Dark Quasar” and the Guardsmen. Nova broadcasts the signal to lock up the Guardsmen armor, which he got from Darkhawk, who had been security chief at one time, at Project PEGASUS. A startled “Dark Quasar” doesn’t know what’s happening with the Guardsmen, which gives Nova the moment he needs to blast “Dark Quasar” and take him by surprise. Nova then encases Doctor Necker in a grav-bubble and takes her further away, where she goes into a seizure and is finally freed from being “possessed.” A tiny creature falls from the base of her neck, which Nova incinerates. Doctor Necker is thankful, and Nova and she seem as if they’re about to kiss when Worldmind interrupts, explaining that she got a signature spike from Darkhawk and “let’s not forget, I have your long lost girlfriend Namorita on board, perhaps now is not the time to be kissing self confessed A.I.M. Spy, Eve Necker.”

Nova grabs Doctor Necker and flies to sub-level seven where Darkhawk’s last signal came from, when he is attacked by a feral Director Gruenwald. Nova encases him within a grav-bubble. Inside the room, Nova sees Darkhawk fighting the demonic creature coming through the rift. Nova flies into help, but then the “Dark Quasar” arrives and blasts them both. Nova explains that this reality is protected by him and the Nova Corps, to which “Dark Quasar” replies, “In my reality do you know how long the Nova Corps lasted against us? Forty-Seven Minutes.” He then explains that the Horrorscope has already found what he’s looking for and he will go get it. “Dark Quasar” offers Nova a chance to try and stop him, or stop the Horrorscope from entering the world; but he can’t do both. That’s when Nova notices that Darkhawk is in human form, but seems to be okay, save for the fact that his “Darkhawk Gem” seems to be infused into his chest. “Dark Quasar” takes off – and Nova makes the choice to stop the Horrorscope instead. He then takes off after “Dark Quasar” and tells Worldmind to warn everyone that the Fault is a extra-dimensional threat that must immediately be taken care of – but he’s going after “Dark Quasar.”