New Warriors #9 (V5)

New Warriors #9 (V5)


The issue opens up, having taken place several years in the past. The focus is a basketball, where the Houston Jets land a score and win the game. The announcer calls for the Houston Jets mascot – a large teddy bear that goes by the name of Choke. As the teddy bear mascot calls for the crowd to “bring the noise” – what appears to be a meteorite falls appears from what seems like a warp hole and strikes down Choke, the teddy bear mascot.

It switches to current day and time, where we see Scarlet Spider punching Justice and yelling at him to tell Mr. Whiskers and Jake Waffles to bring back the Wundagore Mountain because they were supposed to drop him off in Mexico, not Houston. Justice tries to figure out why Scarlet Spider wants to quit the New Warriors; while Scarlet Spider proclaims that one can not quit something that they never joined. Justice explains that if Scarlet Spider leaves, Hummingbird will be heartbroken, because she worships the ground that Scarlet Spider walks on. Scarlet Spider then tells Justice that she’s better off without him.

However, that’s as far as the discussion goes as Scarlet Spider notices that there are cars overturned on the street, and there’s absolutely no people to be seen. A large shadow falls over both Justice and Scarlet Spider – and the being calls out Scarlet Spider! When Justice and Scarlet Spider turn to see who or what it is – it happens to be Choke the Mascot Teddy Bear – only, now he’s about twelve stories tall!

The scene shifts to inside Wundagore Mountain, where Hummingbird is floating upside down, proclaiming that Scarlet Spider will indeed return to the team. Sun Girl tries to explain that she’s pretty certain that Scarlet Spider will not be returning to the team. Hummingbird deflects and says that everyone should be worried about Haechi because he’s feeling down and out that his entire family witness his change and now deems him a “monster.”

The scene cuts back to Justice and Scarlet Spider fighting the hundred foot, mascot teddy bear. Scarlet Spider asks Choke what his issue with him was; and Choke explains that it’s definitely not anything personal – it’s nothing more than a rivalry, and that this is what Choke had been waiting for. Choke goes on to explain that it all began when he was struck by the meteorite that gave him amazing powers, saying that he caused trouble, pulled pranks, and generally got the people worked up – because that’s what he’s always done. It’s all he’s really known. His tone changes, however, when he goes on to keep explaining that he wasn’t able to keep things “fresh” and that eventually the referees – the cops – also gave up. He also gave up and headed to Mexico, to see how he could do in the “International League.” He had heard that Houston once again had a Super Villain (Choke considered Scarlet Spider a super villain)! Scarlet Spider explains that he has no intention of staying in Houston anyway, and simply swings away. Justice watches in disbelief, and then hears Choke say, “You look like a super villain…” And before Justice could fully protect himself, he finds himself under attack by Choke.

Not far off, Scarlet Spider finds himself nearly shot. When he swings down to confront the police, they explain that they were merely trying to get his attention. The police explain that they know Scarlet Spider is a hero and that he can help deal with Choke. Scarlet Spider explains he has no interest and that he plans to leave. When one of the officers says that he’s not leaving, Scarlet Spider shouts that he is.

The scene shifts to Prague, in the Czech Republic. The other New Warriors (Speedball, Sun Girl, Nova, Haechi, Silhouette and Hummingbird) all dressed in civilian clothes are teleported there by Silhouette, and gain entrance to a rave so that Haechi can take his mind off things.

Back to the battle with Justice and Choke, Justice actually finds he’s unable to beat the massive teddy bear mascot – and just as it seems that Choke is about to devour Justice, Vance calls out for “Angel” (could this be he was calling out for Firestar, thinking that the end was at hand?) However, Scarlet Spider swoops in at the last moment and saves Justice from being swallowed by Choke. Scarlet Spider lands on a roof and tells Justice that, as Scarlet Spider he’s done some bad things, messed up almost everything in life and has even killed people. Justice explains that he too has killed people (remember he accidentally killed his own father!) and made so many mistakes. Justice explains that no one has to deal with these things alone. Scarlet Spider agrees, and adds, “Don’t think for a moment this means I like any of you.”

Justice nods and just as he throws Scarlet Spider at Choke, replies, “Don’t worry, I will let the others know just how much you still hate us.”

Scarlet Spider lands on Choke and begins punching away at him.

Back at the rave, Hummingbird dances very close to Speedball and says, “Come on, dance with me, we might not have another chance.” And when Speedball presses her for what she meant, she finally says, “Nothing.” Only a moment later, her eyes dialate and her voice changes as she speaks the words, “Mictlan rises. I am going to die soon.” When Speedball asks her what she said, her eyes return to normal, and she smiles, “Let’s dance!”

Back at the fight with Choke, Scarlet Spider and Justice discover that it’s only a suit and rip it apart, to find a lonely man in the suit controlling it. Scarlet Spider webs him to the light post so that the police can deal with him when they arrive. Justice and Scarlet Spider continue their discussion, with Justice saying, “You think you’re not good enough? Then surround yourself with people who will force you to be better. You’re not a coward and leaving is what a coward would do.” Scarlet Spider agrees to “hang around” the New Warriors just a little longer. Rather begrudgingly.