New Warriors #8 (V5)

New Warriors #8 (V5)


The issue begins with Mark Sim, Haechi, recalling the day that the Inhuman City, Attilan, hung over New York City just moments before Black Bolt had apparently decided to detonate the entire city of Attilan, and thus release the Terrigen Mist upon the world.

The scene shifts to the present, where Haechi finds himself surrounded by humans, also changed into Inhumans, by the name of Lash, Nocculus, and Sheath. Sheath threatens to cut out Sun Girl’s tongue, because she keeps snapping back at the Inhumans, questioning why they have the right to see who deserves to be an Inhuman or not. However, Nocculus reports the arrival of others – which include a mutant, superhuman, and one dressed as a spider.

Not far away, Speedball, Hummingbird, Scarlet Spider, Watersnake, and Justice fight off some mind controlled humans (being controlled by Nocculus). Justice tries to command the New Warriors to go gentle on the humans, because they’re possessed and not attacking them willingly. However, Scarlet Spider doesn’t obey the command, and proceeds to break the arm of one of the attacking humans. Justice screams that the people are obviously possessed, to which Scarlet Spider replies, “Yeah, well, I obviously don’t care!”

When Speedball asks Justice where Silhouette is, and why she’s not with them, Justice simply shouts, “She’s busy!”

The scene shifts to the burning inferno, where Hollow speaks to the young girl named Nightfall, also an Inhuman, explaining that they need more time. Jack Chain confronts Hollow about being afraid of Lash, their leader. Hollow explains that Jack Chain would be scared too if he had seen the things that Lash has done. Unbeknownst to either of them, from the shadows, Silhouette watches and listens to every word.

The scene shifts back to Mark Sim’s memory, emerging from the cocoon, unaware that his body has been transformed.

The scene shifts back to the present, and we see Haechi. Lash gives Haechi the option to join him, or join the humans and perish. Sun Girl, having not patience attempts to blast Sheath, but misses, and gets a blade drawn on her. Haechi demands that Sheath release Sun Girl, and Lash shakes his head, disappointingly, and says, “I was wrong about you.”

The scene shifts back to Speedball, Scarlet Spider, Justice, Watersnake and Hummingbird. Speedball and Scarlet Spider make their way up a flight of stairs, while Justice, Watersnake and Hummingbird continue to fight the possessed humans. Hummingbird finally gets sick of it – and reaches out with her mind, telepathically blasting all the possessed humans in the room, and rendering them unconscious. Up the flight of stairs, Speedball and Scarlet Spider encounter more mind controlled humans, and Scarlet Spider asks if Speedball can be serious for a moment and help take care of the humans; and much to his surprise Speedball unleashes a blast that knocks out all the humans.

Another scene shift and we see Silhouette dropping down on Fume, and knocking him out. Spark tries to sucker punch Silhouette, but she easily dodges and knocks him out with her brace. She attempts to hit Hollow, but he uses his power to become intangible. Jack Chain gets the drop on Silhouette and encases her within his chains.

Once again we return to Mark Sim’s memory of first becoming an Inhuman, where he finds himself being chased by a fearful mob of angry humans, who seek to destroy him because he looks like a monster with the horn on his head. They manage to chase him to a dead end, where they proceed to punch, kick, and beat him with a bat, crowbar, and anything else they can get their hands on. It’s an older man who comes out with a shotgun, and fires a warning shot to scatter the angry mob, which flees in terror. The older man helps Mark Sim up. Surprised, Mark asked, “Are you not afraid of me? Do I not look like a monster?” The older man smiles, “From the looks of it, it was those people who were the real monsters.”

A scene shift back to Haechi and Sun Girl, has Haechi attacking Sheath to free Sun Girl, only to be attacked by Lash. Nocculus suddenly shouts, that someone has broken the hold on all the humans. Lash turns around to see Hummingbird, Speedball, Justice, Watersnake and Scarlet Spider ready for a fight. Haechi transforms into his beast-like form and tries to attack Lash, only to have Hollow attack Haechi by phasing part of his body through Haechi and rendering him unconscious. Lash grabs Hollow by the head and drains his life away, explaining that Hollow has always been a coward and not worthy of being an Inhuman. He then uses Nightfall to allow him, Sheath, Jack Chain and Nocculus to escape.

One final scene shift shows Sam Alexander, Nova, speaking to Mr. Whiskers and Jack Waffles at Mount Wundagore; unknown that three shadowy figures watch from outside…