Night Thrasher #8 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #8 (V2)

The issue begins at a hospital in Manhattan where Sprocket and Chord learn that Dwayne will survive the fall. He suffered a number of wounds including internal bleeding, but that he would be recovered in about one week’s time.

The scene shifts to an exceptionally lit room where Silhouette is being held captive by Bandit. Bandit explains that the room is lit so that Silhouette would be unable to use her shadow melting powers. He also explains to her that it goes much deeper than anything between him and Silhouette and Dwayne and himself; that it actually goes back to a man that neither Dwayne nor Bandit really knew – a man named Daryl Taylor and Bandit’s mother!

The scene shifts once again to Sprocket and Chord unloading some old keepsakes. Sherman, the butler, ponders the oddity of unloading old keepsakes at such an odd hour, to which Chord replies that he will find that they’re all odd people. They excuse Sherman, who asks to be kept updating on Dwayne’s condition should it change. Sprocket and Chord find Daryl Taylor’s original diary to see if they can find any clues to Bandit’s claim. Sorting through there – they discover that Daryl had stayed in Chicago one night – and among the canceled checks, they find a check made out to a woman, who is undoubtedly Bandit’s mother.

The scene shifts again, and we find that Dwayne has left the hospital, despite the doctor’s orders and is sitting with Chord and Sprocket, who tell Dwayne that Bandit’s claims are true – that Dwayne’s father did sleep with another woman, and then paid her off. While Dwayne is with them, Bandit calls wanting to meet them again. Dwayne dons the Night Thrasher armor and meets Bandit once more on the rooftop. A fight breaks out between the two once more, this time with a different result – Night Thrasher stands over Bandit, victorious. He leaves Bandit there unconscious, cursing the fact that all that Bandit ever wanted was a family – but when he had his chance, he threw it all away.