Real Name: Christine Cord
Aliases: Tattoo
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Former Student, Adventurer
Citizenship: United States Citizen with a criminal record.
Place of Birth: Unknown
Known Relatives: Christian Cord (Phaser – formerly known as Radian)
Group Affiliation: Formerly Omega Gang, New Warriors
First Appearance: (Seen) New X-Men #126, (Tattoo) New X-Men #134, (Longstrike) New Warriors #2 (v4), (Identified) New Warriors #4 (v4)
History: Not much is known about the mutant who had gone by the name Tattoo, until she became a student at the Xavier Institute. Born with the mutant ability to display messages and images on her skin, as well as phase through solid matter; Tattoo had a difficult time fitting in, even at the Xavier Institute. Her powers, along with her brother (who had formerly gone by the name Radian, now better known as Phaser of the New Warriors), had developed their powers during Church, in which her skin changed the tone of its color, as well as all of her hair suddenly falling out.

At Xavier’s Institute, Tattoo found herself a victim of Cassandra Nova’s mental control, in which she was forced to attack Wolverine, Beast and other X-Men. Tattoo would eventually be freed by the Stepford Cuckoos, during the battle against Cassandra Nova.

She would also become romantically involved with a fellow mutant, who had gone by the name of Slick. However, when Quentin Quire revealed Slick’s true form to Tattoo, ironically, she became disgusted with his appearance and broke off their romantic relationship because of his appearance. From there, Quentin recruited Tattoo into his “gang” called The Omega Gang.

As a member of the Omega Gang, they fought – often drastically – for their belief in Mutant Rights. They also sought revenge in Jumbo Carnation’s murder, and even battled a mutant-hating organization known as the U-Men.

The Omega Gang’s rebellious attitude continued into the Opening Day of Xavier Institute, when they were going to bring in “normal, non-powered humans” into the school. During the stand off, Tattoo threatened to kill Cyclops by phasing her hand inside his skull, but White Queen countered her by doing the same to her. The Omega Gang was neutralized, and the members were sent to jail, for their crimes.

Tattoo is one of many mutants that lost their superhuman powers after the events of M-Day.

She resurfaced with the New Warriors under the guise of Longstrike. During their first real mission against a new Zodiac Team, Longstrike was killed by the member known as Cancer.

Height: 5’8″
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None/Black (Dyed Auburn)

Powers: Formerly was able to broadcast images and words on her skin, as well as phase through solid objects. These powers were lost after the events of M-Day.

Accessories: Longstrike uses an armor set that strongly resembles that of Stilt-Man technology.