Nova (V8) #6

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Nova #6 (V8)
The issue opens with Rich in the CancerVerse, speaking with Worldmind, who explains that after Rich had abandoned it in the Cancerverse to “return to life” – that the Worldmind adapted. The Worldmind recalls how Richard had fought endlessly in the Cancerverse, for here, there was no death. You would die, and start the “day” anew, usually repeating the same things; fighting endless horrors, including the alternate reality version of the Avengers – called the Revengers – and die, and just rise again, to do it all over again. The issue goes on to show how Richard used the Cosmic Cube to escape; but that something escaped with him – inside. Just then, Sam shows up and explains that he’s there to rescue Richard. Worldmind explains that Richard is not leaving, and that he is exactly where he’s supposed to be – and at that moment, Rich’s body changes again, to a very alien like form.