Darkhawk #20 (V1)

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Sleepwalker demands Portal’s armor. Portal sees that everyone wants his armor and decides to depart through a portal. Sleepwalker tries to chase him, but Spider-Man stops Sleepwalker. Sleepwalker explains that he needs Portal’s armor to return home, and that as of right now, he is currently trapped in the mind of his human host, permitted to wander around, only when his human host is sleeping, and that his true home is in the Mindscape, where he had once seen Portal pass through it. Sleepwalker then assumes that Darkhawk would have the same powers, and Darkhawk unfortunately is forced to inform him that his armor has no such powers.

Elsewhere, at the headquarters of Fireheart Industries, Portal appears. He thinks about how the armor’s directional mechanism still works, which allows him to make his long jumps successful, because without it, if he did long jumps, he was never certain where he would end up. Portal sees the picture of the man who owns Fireheart Industries; Thomas Fireheart, none other than Puma. Portal had encountered Puma previously (in Avengers #304), and Puma had offered Portal advice that he was too proud to listen to. Now he realizes that he needs Puma’s help to determine his next move. A security officer appears and tells Portal to freeze. Portal recognizes his fellow tribesman, Edgar Running Bear. Edgar agrees to get Thomas Fireheart for Portal.

However, that never happens.

At dawn, Spider-Man, Sleepwalker, and Darkhawk arrive to the Fireheart Industries (Spider-Man having figured out that perhaps Portal might seek out Puma, a fellow tribesman and the hero Puma) – and they find a huge hole in the wall, and inside the building, they find Edgar dead. Meanwhile the Brotherhood has Portal, and Sauron is trying to hypnotize him to command him to do what they need – to teleport them inside the X-Men’s mansion so that they can hit the X-Men unexpectedly and kill them all. The first step to Toad’s plan requires getting an assortment of weapons to cause as much carnage as they can against the X-Men. Portal, under Sauron’s command, teleports them.

The scene shifts briefly as we see a ship streaking towards Earth; inside it, someone who looks to have the same Darkhawk armor. They have one intention – to put an end to Darkhawk. On Earth, the man who claims to have worn the Darkhawk armor before Chris Powell, shrieks in terror as he feels the approach of this new force.

The scene shifts again, and we see Portal has teleported the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to… Time Square! Spider-Man, Sleepwalker and Darkhawk are there to greet the Brotherhood. Blob hits Portal, temporarily knocking him out, as a traitor. When Portal recovers, Sauron regains control of Portal’s mind and forces Portal to attack the heroes. Pyro attacks Spider-Man, which Spider-Man dodges, but under Sauron’s command, Portal opens a dimensional doorway exactly where Spider-Man lands, throwing him into an alternate dimension full of terror. Toad commands that Sauron create a distraction. He does so by grabbing a massive billboard and throwing it down at the innocent humans. Sauron commands Portal to create a dimensional door so that they can escape. Darkhawk goes for the billboard, while Sleepwalker, in his desperation, gives chase and follows the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants through the portal.