New Warriors #3 (V3)

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New Warriors #3 (Volume 3)

The scene opens up just outside Wichita Kansas we find that the New Warriors mobile car has gotten a flat tire. While the Warriors discuss how to fix it, the producer of the show, Ashley, is busy pitching the concept to the execs. When Mr. Fuller questions the idea of the show, Ashley promises him that there’s something big in store that will definitely entertain viewers of the show. As the issue goes, we see Ashley showing off details on how he got Night Thrasher to reform the team for the television show.

The scene shifts over to Namorita, Nova and Night Thrasher going to get help, leaving Speedball and Microbe behind. Microbe explains that he’s talking to germs, while Speedball confesses that he feels no one takes him seriously anymore, because he’s been a joker for so long.

After a failed attempt at a gas station, Namorita, Nova and Night Thrasher arrive at a truck stop, where Nova finds himself under arrest for accidentally solicits two female prostitutes (when he had actually intended to ask them for help with their flat tire).

Meanwhile, Ashley continues to pitch the New Warriors reality show to the executives, who see a place for everyone except Microbe. Ashley explains without Microbe, Night Thrasher would pull out of the show. Ashley goes on to explain how Night Thrasher became Microbe’s “legal guardian.”

When Night Thrasher, Nova and Namorita return from their unsuccessful trip of trying to find a replacement tire, they’re all pleasantly surprised that Microbe alone had found the solution. Microbe had spoke to germs that were eating the dead porcupine and had them digest the rubber on the tires; the by-product of such a thing had created heat, oxygen, and adhesive sludge. The tire essentially inflated while the holes sealed themselves.

A quick change of scene back to the execs shows them discussing what the show needs to become successful. Conflict among the cast.