NOVA (Sam Alexander)

Nova (Sam Alexander)

Real Name: Sam Alexander
Aliases: Bilbo, Samuel Alejandro, Black Nova, Kid Nova, Human Rocket
Identity: Secret
Occupation: High School Student, Nova Corps “Black Dome” Special Ops Corpsman
Citizenship: American Citizen, with no known criminal record.
Place of Birth: Carefree, Arizona
Known Relatives: Jesse Alexander (father), Eva Alexander (mother), Kaelynn Alexander (sister)
Group Affiliation: Nova Corps, Supernovas, New Warriors, Avengers, The Champions
First Appearance: Marvel Point One #1
History: Sam Alexander had no intention of ever becoming Nova. Though his father had often spoke about how he himself had been a part of an “intergalactic police force” called the Nova Corps; Sam never believed his father’s stories to be true. Not until, while looking for his father, Sam fell off his skateboard and obtained a head injury that landed him in the hospital. When he regained consciousness, the young boy suddenly found himself surrounded by what appeared to be a talking Raccoon and a beautiful, but deadly looking green skinned woman; those two being Rocket Raccoon and Gamora, formerly of the Guardians of the Galaxy team.

After discovering Sam’s father’s helmet, they begin to train Sam how to use it. Sam is amazed to discover that all of his father’s stories were true. Testing the Nova powers, Sam flew to the moon where he encountered the mysterious Watcher, Uatu, who revealed to him of an impending invasion from the Chitauri, who were headed to Earth. Sam investigated, and discovered that Titus, a formerly ally of Sam’s father, had been working for Chitauri. Sam used the Ultimate Nullifer to stop Titus.

Sam eventually ventured to the planet Birj, where he had gone to warn the people of the approaching Phoenix Force, only to find himself battling Terrax. Sam eventually fled, and avoided the destruction brought on by the Phoenix Force, and returned to Earth, where he “joined” the Avengers during their fight against the X-Men, as Cyclops had been possessed by the Phoenix Force.

Sam’s Nova costume also attracted more unwanted attention, as Diamondhead, an old enemy of the original Nova (Rich Rider), who attacked Sam because of the grudge he had formed against Nova. Diamondhead was able to easily shrug off Sam’s attacks as Nova, because of Sam’s lack of experience, and confidence within himself. Realizing that Sam could not win, he used a blinding flash of light to temporarily blind Diamondhead, so that Sam could make his escape.

One night, patrolling for villains, Sam encountered Spider-Man who bestowed upon him a wide assortment of advice about being a good super hero. Following this advise, he goes back to the skate park that he destroyed and tries to be a hero for the people who were burdened with the job of cleaning it all up.

After the skate park was rebuilt Sam encounters Carrie, from his school, who he has hopelessly had a crush on. Sam was caught off-guard when she told him that she knew that he was Nova. He then flew away in such a rush that he made the amateur mistake of removing his helmet mid-flight, which led to him crashing into the ground. Once again, awakening, he finds himself surrounded by two strangers; New Warrior members Justice and Speedball. They, mostly Speedball, tried to persuade him into joining their team. He initially refused, however, after learning that they were good friends of Richard Rider, he agreed to see what it was like and what they know about the Nova Corps and Force.

After a brief stint with the New Warriors, Sam was eventually recruited to the Avengers, where he fought aliens, including the Phoenix Force that had returned to Earth. Sam’s father would also mysteriously return; but it proved to be a clone by the Chitauri, who sought the power of the Nova Force. The clone sacrificed himself destroying the Chitauri Cloning facility, leaving the fate of Sam’s father unknown.

With the help of the space faring Monark Starstalker, Sam got in contact with the WorldMind which informed him that Sam’s father’s consciousness had not yet been absorbed into the WorldMind, indicating that he was possibly still alive out there. This contact with the WorldMind also brought about the return of the original Earth Nova Corp member, Richard Rider.

Height: 5’6
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Powers: Flight, enhanced strength, speed, and durability. Nova derives his powers from an energy source called the Nova-Force, which all Nova Centurions wield.

Accessories: Nova wears a standard Xandarian StarCorps uniform, designed to accommodate his powers without being damaged by them. In addition, the uniform has a life support function that can sustain Sam under the most extreme environmental conditions. It can act as a space suit by locking off the mouth and eyes of the helmet. The helmet can also pick up radio transmissions, as well as act as a heads-up display for tracking energy signatures.