Nova #3 (V4)

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Nova #3 (V4)

The issue begins with Quasar explaining that he’s helping eighteen point six million Aakons off the planet, and that he would appreciate Nova’s help. Nova explains to Quasar that Xandar has been destroyed and that Nova is the only surviving Nova Corp.

Quasar recognizes Drax and tells Nova that Drax isn’t to be trusted and that he should not be consorting with him. Nova nods, having heard it all before from WorldMind, and tells Quasar there was no choice – they were the only three survivors.

Drax explains that it’s pointless to run – that whatever these things are at the command of Annihilus – will find them, follow them, and destroy them. The only true option was to stand and fight, make a stand. Quasar explains that they can’t – the people can’t fight. Drax then tells Quasar that there’s something Nova isn’t telling Quasar. When Nova refuses to give up the information, Drax simply says, “Nova’s loaded. He has all the powers of the Nova Corps, and the WorldMind. But he’s afraid to use it.”

Drax convinces Nova that they need to make a stand, and taunts Nova until Nova says that he can fight. Drax merely replies, “Prove it.”

Quasar speaks to Nova about being able to open a massive Star Gate using his powers and only a few, short moments later, the Annihilation Wave arrives. Quasar shoots off into space to meet the Annihilation Wave head on. Nova follows after a few short moments.

Nova uses his power to open up a massive Star Gate, giving the Aakons their chance to escape.

The scene shifts to Annhilus, who senses the Star Gate’s creation and wants to see it for himself.

Annihilus shows blasting ships, causing massive explosions. Drax recognizes Annhilus, even as Nova and Quasar see his massive ship and armada appear next to them.