Justice #4 (LS)

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Justice #4 (LS)

The issue opens up with a family in the bank where a pair of robbers burst into the bank. A super hero by the name of “Family Man” bursts into the bank to save them, however the gunmen mow down the family. Suddenly the man wakes up from the nightmare upset that he can not help his son because he has no powers of himself.

The scene shifts to Vance speaking with Kelly where they learn that the lawyers for Psigns of the Times has agreed to give the information Justice needs to help locate the one child whose father pulled him out of the Psign of the Times team. It doesn’t take long for Justice to find him, with his father encouraging him to use his powers.

Justice follows the father who works for Michael Devereaux, who has an infamous reputation as an accountant. He then goes and follows David, who he sees is often mocked at school for not being athletic. Justice also learns from Kelly that the father had changed his name from “Banciewicz” to “Banks” and that he was a survivor of Auschwitz and that the father had been arrested in 1970 for abusing his son.

At the Bank’s house the father enters his son’s room and tells him to get dressed and that they have to practice his powers. When Justice spies them he realizes its an abuse that had been the opposite of his own. Where his own father had not liked it when Vance had powers; David’s father pushed too hard for his son to use his powers. When his son says he can’t fly, the father grabs him and shakes him violently. That’s when Justice arrives and pulls them apart with his powers.

However David reacts in attacking Justice, fearing for his father’s life. When things reach a climax, everyone is laid out flat. Justice stands and tells David that his father is making a horrible mistake. Justice also reveals that his David’s grandfather was a mutant – whose powers killed hundreds of Nazis. And that David’s grandfather beat David’s own father when his powers revealed themselves. And now David’s father was wanting his son to be everything he could not be.

When Justice leaves he eventually sends a package to David, and gives him the original Marvel Boy costume and to use it well. And so Justice balances the scales and learns to accept all that he has done – and realizes everywhere he’s been, everything he’s seen, everyone he was, is who he is today. And that is a balanced person to be proud of, just as Captain America had said. So Justice moves onward and the circle completes itself as the new Marvel Boy accepts his title and costume.

The circle of abuse is broken. And perhaps this new Marvel Boy will be where Justice has been. He will help those who have been abused. Perhaps he will break any new circles of abuse he comes across.

And perhaps there is hope for the world. Perhaps there is justice.