Nova #6 (V6)

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Nova #6 (V6)

NOTE: The events of this issue take place after the Avengers vs X-Men storyline, in which Sam Alexander helped defeat the Phoenix Force and is asked by Thor to become a member of the Avengers.

As Sam flies home, he tries to find a way to convince his mother that he should be allowed to join the Avengers – however, he doesn’t take into consideration that he had been gone for two weeks while helping the Avengers battle the Phoenix Force. His mother is waiting for him as he lands, and is, reasonably so, furious at Sam for being gone for two weeks and not telling her anything of where he was or what he was doing. At that moment, the helmet lights up and shows exactly what Sam has been doing for the last two weeks – including the battle with the Phoenix Force and the conversation with Thor. His mother, thankful that he isn’t hurt, simply embraces him and then says, “And no, you can’t join the Avengers. Ever.”

During dinner, Sam explains how he had met the Watcher on the moon, which led to an assortment of adventures in space. Sam’s mother scorns him for not being responsible, and damaging the skate park and yells that a 14 year old should not have to worry about a “secret identity” or flying around space. (Note: In all the previous issues, Sam is noted as being 16 years old – even in issue #5, it shows ’16 years ago…’ when his father arrived on time to see Sam born).

The next day at school, Sam is approached by Carrie who begins to talk about how Nova had saved them from Titus. Sam explains that he hadn’t heard, and that he was out visiting a relative. Moffet shows up and begins to mock Sam – this time, however, Sam shoves Moffet. Moffet takes a swing, but Sam dodges, and falls over. Carrie goes to Sam’s side just as Principal Philbin approaches and tells Sam to go to his office. In his office, the principal demands to know where Sam’s been for two weeks – and that Sam’s father has stopped coming to work for several weeks now as well. Sam explains that his father “took off” on them and Sam went to look for him. Feeling sorry, the Principal lets Sam go.

When Sam’s mother gets home, she finds the house exceptionally clean. She goes into the garage, where Sam is shining the Nova helmet. She explains that his father was the same way – and that, in the end, she knows she raised a son who would think things through before racing off into the night to “fight crime” and that she would never stand in his way of doing what he loved – being Nova.