Night Thrasher #17 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #17 (V2)

The scene begins with Night Thrasher at Sinergy Technology, a company he recently purchased because of their criminal activities and their manufacturing of a power pack. Much to his surprise he finds himself and Sinergy Technology under attack by none other than War Machine.

War Machine and Night Thrasher exchange blows before they both stop to actually discuss what each of them is doing. War Machine explains that Sinergy Technology was pumping foul material into the air and water around the plant; which eventually led to fish disappearing in rivers, birds falling from the sky, dead – as well as the daughter of Luis Ramirez falling ill. When Luis Ramirez contacted Worldwatch he was gunned down and forever silenced.

Night Thrasher realizes that just because he’s purchased a company doesn’t mean he can fix it immediately and change it. But before he can give it further thought – he and War Machine – find themselves attacked by a team calling themselves Field Force – Sinergy Technology’s security system. War Machine and Night Thrasher find themselves constantly on the defensive and out numbered until the surprise rescue of Rage. With Rage’s arrival the tide turns in favor of the trio.

With War Machine’s help, Dwayne puts the factory workers on salary while they close down the factory and begin the toxic clean up of the site. Upon returning home, Rage and Night Thrasher find Nick Fury waiting for them – explaining that S.H.I.E.L.D. had Dwayne on black mail fraud, restraint of trade, and numerous violations of the Interstate Commerce Act to put him away for thirty years. Fury smiles and agrees to strike up a deal with Dwayne.