Nova #13 (V5)

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Nova #13 (V5)

The issue begins with panic throughout the city of Adjudik, on the planet Orbucen. With the planet falling apart, literally, as Galactus begins to consume it. As if that weren’t enough for problems, a psychic energy being named Harrow adds to the dismay and chaos.

Harrow takes over the body of a young male named Ghereti, turning his eyes red, and changing his hands to long claws. A guard arrives as Ghereti, possessed by Harrow, lunges. The guard is forced to open fire and kills the young male; but Harrow lives, moving on, to find his next host, taking over none other that Officer Keyt, who had just killed the young male.

Officer Keyt begins to open fire on the panicked crowd around him.

The scene shifts to a slightly calmer scene with Nova speaking with Councilor Adjudik, for whom the city is named after. The Councilor confirms that they had seen a few stars in their solar system simply “go out” – not explode, but simply vanish. They had suspected Galactus, and their fears were confirmed once they saw Galactus’ herald flying around their planet.

Adjudik states, which Worldmind confirms, that the planet has only twelve hours of life before it completely collapses within itself. Nova then asks why Adjudik had called him when he would be better off out there helping his people escape onto the Ark Ships, which would flee to the colonized world of Zymut Reef.

Adjudik brings Nova into the central room where there are endless reports from drastic weather changes, to wild fires breaking out everywhere; preventing the Ark Ships from departing. Adjudik then gives Nova a list of nobles whom he’d like to rescue because there’s not enough time to save everyone. This makes Nova furious, and he flies off saying that he will save them – and the common people.

Nova has Worldmind find the first place that needs the most assistance; which is the city of Sethur; an industrial city whose near by ice caps have melted so quickly, it has put most of the city underwater.

When Nova arrives he sees bodies floating in the water, and Worldmind states that most of them suffered gunshot wounds, blunt force trauma, and the large pools of blood in the water, indicate that someone – or something – had gone on a rampage here.

Nova comes across Officer Keyt and blasts him; though not very hard, when Nova approaches him, Officer Keyt is dead. Worldmind confirms that Nova’s blast did not kill him and that he detects a high amount of psychic residue. Harrow attempts to possess Nova, but Worldmind manages to deflect him, defining Harrow as a “non standard psionic entity with homicidal intent.”

Harrow then possesses a young woman and has her attack Nova. Upon Worldmind’s command, Nova unleashes a twenty gravity node field which contains the possessed girl named Gilly Podak, as well as Harrow.

Nova brings Gilly, still possessed by Harrow, and still within the gravity node field to Adjudik., explaining what had happened. Adjudik sneers at Nova, claiming that his moral compass and his “do gooder” attitude are laughable. That he would spend the time to stop and “arrest” a killer while the entire planet is being devoured by Galactus, and millions will perish in very little time.

Nova then says that he stops anyone whose a killer and that he will save the people on the planet.

We see Nova trying his hardest to save the planet as the clock continues to count down to its end. Nova manages to get everyone aboard the Ark Ships and ready for take off when he learns that none of the Ark Ships can leave the planet’s atmosphere due to an electro-magnetic disruption caused by Galactus feeding, prevents the ships from being able to leave.

Nova decides, against Worldmind’s constant logic, that he’s going to go and “speak” with Galactus and ask him to hold off just long enough for the Ark Ships to make their escape.

Down on the planet, Harrow manages to possesses Adjudik.

Nova yells at Galactus to stop; but Galactus doesn’t even pay attention to Nova. Before Nova can do anything else – he’s suddenly grabbed by Galactus’ herald – none other than The Silver Surfer!