Speedball #7 (V1)

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Speedball #7 (V1)

The issue begins with the Harlequin Hit Man getting some information from a potential blackmailer of some kind, before killing him. The scene shifts to Justin and Madeline, who decide to meet for lunch, both of them thinking of their ties to Alex Bow, when two old friends – Herb and Sheila – show up and decide to join them for lunch. Both of the older friends speak about how Alex was into shady deals, and yet somehow managed to be a charmer at the same time. This feeds the fears of both Justin and Madeline, as Madeline ponders of Justin got into some of those shady dealings; and Justin ponders if Madeline had fallen for Alex’s charms.

Next we see Emil’s partner working in a files section of the city; his primary interest seems to be acquiring black mail material.

Elsewhere, the Harlequin Hit Man shows up and kills Doctor Barton who apparently had some kind of blackmail on someone. The news reveals that Emil Conroy and Doctor Barton have been killed; and Emil’s partner panics since Emil Conroy had been his partner, and now wondered if his name had been given up to the Harlequin Hit Man. Justin Baldwin gets a call from Emil’s partner who promises to offer up all the black mail evidence he’s acquired which would solve the murder of Alex Bow. Justin excuses himself, and Sheila and Herb decide to call it a night as well. Robbie arrives at home, and when he asks about his father, his mother explains about how he has been contacted to meet someone at a warehouse regarding some information. Robbie excuses himself and decides to follow his father as Speedball.

The scene shifts and we see Emil’s partner entering the warehouse, along with his father. But they’re far from alone – the Harlequin Hit Man has also showed up at the warehouse as well!

Emil’s partner is captured by the Harlequin Hit Man – but at the same time, somewhere else in the warehouse – Justin Baldwin is struck in the back of the head by – The Harlequin Hit Man?!

On one side of the warehouse, the Harlequin Hit Man asks Emil’s partner about the black mail information, then questions how much Justin Baldwin knows about the information Emil’s partner has.

At the same time on the other side of the warehouse, The Harlequin Hit Man stands over Justin Baldwin, contemplating what to do. Initially the Harlequin Hit Man believed Justin would be no threat without the files and information – but then realized that Justin Baldwin would never stop digging now. The Hit Man is about to pull the trigger when Speedball crashes through the window. After a brief fight, the Hit Man is defeated – but that’s when the second Hit Man arrives holding Emil’s partner. Speedball engages with the second Hit Man, and as Emil’s partner makes a run for it – the Hit Man fires a shot through Emil’s partner’s back. Speedball defeats the second Hit Man and leaves both of them for his father to find as he regains consciousness. Justin unmasks one of the Hit Man and sees it is none other than their old friend Sheila – the other being Herb!

We see a figure in a window, thinking about how they have not yet been exposed; pondering also if Justin Baldwin would ever stop digging now.

At home, Robbie sees his parents – and rather than fighting, both of them were silent – lost in their thoughts.

The back up story begins with Robbie day dreaming about running track – when suddenly he turns into Speedball. Realizing he can’t risk running track, he heaves a deep sigh. The track team is preparing for their competition against Clemens High, when their top track star, Eric Pryce shows off.

Robbie, after school runs the track, but accidentally triggers his powers when he hears people approaching. He hides in the bushes and sees an older man offering several members of the track team anabolic steroids. Realizing, even if is not illegal, it is cheating. The next day Robbie tries to tell the coach about what he saw, but the coach won’t have any of it. However, at the Clemens High game, the local authorities show up and arrest Eric Pryce for the use of an uncontrolled substance. Eric Pryce points out the man who sold it to him at the game. The man makes a break for it, easily out classing the local authorities on foot – that is, until Speedball arrives and defeats him, handing him over to the local authorities to arrest. The coach of Springdale High, afraid his other track members may be using the anabolic steroids, forfeits the game.