Nova #11 (V2)

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Nova #11 (V2)

The issue opens up with Doctor Doom, Hulk and Dragon Man headed for the Fantastic Four headquarters, since Doom’s tracking device shows that’s where Nova is. Doom orders Hulk and Dragon Man to destroy Nova, while he concentrates on destroying Reed Richards and the rest of his “Fantastic Four” team.

Nova explains to Thing and She-Hulk about some war he was supposedly a part of, but his memory can barely remember it. He explains that Diamondhead had said that the Xandarians had tried to wipe it from his memory. Thing explains that Mister Fantastic, Reed Richards, was atomized.

Just then Hulk and Dragon Man break through the wall, to which Thing comments, “Hey kid, when you make enemies – you really bring in the heavy hitters.” Dragon Man and Hulk both ignore She-Hulk and Thing, and continue their relentless attack on Nova. Nova takes the initiative and blasts at full speed into Hulk, which doesn’t even phase the Incredible Hulk. Hulk grabs Nova and slams him into the floor.

Nova then sees that Doom is there, connecting a machine to his armor that increases Doom’s power ten-fold. Just as Nova is about to attack, Ant-Man appears and tells Nova to hold off on attacking Doom.

Hulk however, all too eager to get a piece of Nova, gets in the way just as Doom blasts. Hulk takes the brunt of the blast which saves Nova from going unconscious, like Thing and She-Hulk; as they go flying out of the wall, well over fifty floors up. Nova breaks free of the Hulk by unleashing his infamous eye blasts, then flies and gets She-Hulk and Thing.

The scene shifts to the secret organization where Thera speaks with Dante, and they prepare to release another androids – one named Armada.

The scene switches to Namorita and Night Thrasher working out. Night Thrasher talks to Nita about her intense work out and she explains that she’s worried about Rich, and wants to help him, since he confessed about the Deathstorm. Night Thrasher explains that it’s his choice to carry the burden or to share it.

Scene switches once more, this time back to the base of the Fantastic Four. While Nova, Thing and She-Hulk fight against Doom, Dragon Man and Hulk; Ant-Man is up at the base and discovers that the villains are merely robots. At that moment, the villain Armada shows up and blasts Nova from the back. Nova comments, “Blue Blazes! Who keeps pulling these goons out of the woodwork?”

Nova blasts at Armada, who easily dodges the eye bolts. She-Hulk at that time, slams Dragon Man into Hulk – Dragon Man recovers and flees, much to the surprise of She-Hulk. Ant-Man goes full size and explains that they’re robots. Ant-Man uses the machine Doom had plugged into on Nova – allowing Nova to overload the Doom and Hulk robots.

Nova turns and uses it on Armada, and shorts out Armada’s armor as well. At their moment of victory, Nick Fury comes to talk with Nova about some of the things he’s been involved in – and She-Hulk steps up to offer some legal advice for Nova if he needs it.