Nova #8 (V1)

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Nova #8 (V1)

The issue begins with Nova watching Condor, Diamondhead and Powerhouse making their escape. Nova realizes he must control the ship and turn it around and head back to Earth. Looking for the controls, he finds Zorr’s costume. When Nova begins thinking about it – he’s surprised to find that an answer comes to him – through what appears to be a mechanical means. The ship seems to be aware of Nova’s thoughts and begins to explain things.

The ship displays a holographic visual of the previous Nova Prime using the last bit of his life force to defeat Zorr aboard the ship, leaving only Zorr’s clothing behind. The ship identifies itself as P.R.I.M.E. – Planetary Recorder for Information Maintenance and Education. Prime explains that it keeps records of everything that it gathers in terms of information; including all knowledge gained from the minds of previous Nova Primes, including the one who gave Nova his powers – Rhomann Dey. It goes on to explain some of Rhomann’s past, including that he was 34 years of age, had a wife named Karman-Kan who was 28 years of age; and two children: Duranna and Kahry, ages 8 and 6 respectively; all of whom died in Zorr’s primary attack. Nova then asks Prime to show him what Condor and the others are up to; and it shows Condor, Diamondhead and Powerhouse raiding Sphinx’s base using the weapons that they had taken from the ship. Nova asks Prime to check on his father and sees his father under pressure at the school, for which he is a principal for. Nova then asks the ship how to get back to Earth, and Prime answers that it will resume its previous orbit. Leaping into a small rocket, Nova blasts off for Earth.

Before blasting off back to Earth, Nova also learns where Roger “Caps” is. Flying in just in time, Nova saves Caps from drowning and drops him off at his home. Nova then flies back home and changes into civilian clothes just as Caps enters his house.  Bernie shows up a little later and Roger begins to explain the tale of how he and his Uncle Nathan had been out camping and hiking – they found a cave with something glowing inside. Inside a black lake, as dark as a starless night, glows unusually red. As Roger went to look closer, he accidentally knocked his uncle into the black lake. He screamed for help, but Roger could not reach him. Nathan sank deeper and deeper into the lake until he suddenly regained consciousness in a place he did not recognize. In a strange landscape, something that appeared to be a basketball sized atom structure “restored” Nathan to what it thought he was supposed to look like; which was a faceless, hairless person. Nathan rejected her and eventually turned on her and used his new found powers to escape her and return back to Earth to seek revenge on Roger for pushing him into the lake.

Later that night, Caps comes pounding on Rich’s door claiming his Uncle has returned again. At that very moment, his Uncle shatters the door and claims there is no escape for Roger and what he had done. Rich makes a hasty escape and dons on the Nova costume and takes on Roger’s Uncle who has adapted the name Megaman. He blasts Nova away and makes his escape with Caps, by igniting the home of Rich – forcing Nova to choose between saving his friend or saving his family…