Night Thrasher #11 (V2)

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Night Thrasher #11 (V2)

The issue begins with the retelling of Sphinx deceiving Meryet Karim – the woman who held the power of the Ka Stone. The recap explains how the Sphinx had drained half of the power of the Ka Stone back into himself – and the first thing he did was get rid of the New Warriors, throwing them through time.

The scene then goes to Night Thrasher who finds himself shoved into the past in the state of Alabama. He watches as three white men mounted on horses chase down a black man until he can run no further. Night Thrasher comes to the rescue shooting a projectile into the first man, then punching the last two men. Night Thrasher learns that the man is a slave who killed his master because his master had killed his wife. Night Thrasher inquires about the slave’s name and learns that it is Moses Targum.

Night Thrasher tries to find out what year it is from Moses Targum, but the slave is unaware. The slave continues to refer to Night Thrasher as Devil Man – and when Night Thrasher removes his helmet to show that he is a black man as well – a bullet grazes Night Thrasher’s head. When he awakens, he finds his neck in a noose, surrounded by white men who are ready to hang him.

The story switches over to Silhouette, like the rest of the New Warriors, finds herself lost in time. She finds herself deep in a jungle where she sees an Asian woman. She follows her and takes some laundry that she drops; and discovers that she is at the Temple of the Dragon’s Breadth, where she is immediately captured by men who are adorned in armor closely resembling Night Thrasher’s.

Silhouette is taken to a room where she is eventually, greeted by young female children. One of them approaches Silhouette and begins communicating with her telepathically – telling her that she will help Silhouette escape if she eliminates one of the girls named Chei-Lin, one of the Breed-Children. Silhouette breaks free and grabs the child, warning her that she will kill her because she knows who she is – she is Tai!

The scene shifts again, this time to Namorita beneath the sea where she observes Attumacht who has crafted a new weapon of destruction to begin his war against fellow Atlantians. Namorita returns to inform the Atlantians of what she has learned; and when they ask for her help she is reluctant at first, afraid that she might alter history and irrevocably change it and the world. She is finally convinced to teach them quickly, some combat techniques. When she leaves, she wonders just how much her involvement will alter the future and the world.

The final scene in the issue shows Sphinx watching the news where Meryet Karim is on; Sphinx shouts that he is coming after her next!

The story continues in Nova #6 (Volume Two).