The Crashpod – Issue #2 – Novas, Watersnakes And Warriors.

Corey, Doug, and Tawmis finally got a synchronized schedule that allowed the three of them to finally sit down for a moment and talk about The New Warriors, as well as Nova. In this issue of the podcast, they cover issues #3, 4, and 5 of the new series as well as the original New Warriors series. They also cover issues 15, 16 and 17 of the new Nova series! In between all of that discussion there a lot of additional, well, discussion, of all things New Warriors! They discuss the writing, the characters, the personalities, likes and dislikes! All of it! This is what you have been waiting for! This is your Christmas present you never knew you wanted! Got a comment? You can do so on the forum or on New Warriors Facebook page.

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Music by – Adam WarRockTwitter and Facebook. Music used with permission from Adam WarRock.

And this little bit of awesome just happened! Christopher Yost and Marcus To, the current creative team of The New Warriors, retweeted this!

And if you read down to here – know this. We did a typical Marvel move. After the credits and music, there’s a little bonus at the end. So stay tuned past the ending credits. You might get a laugh out of it.

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