Darkhawk #24 (V1)

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The issue begins with the being telepathically communicating with Darkhawk; Darkhawk withering in pain, as Code Blue watches in confusion. Suddenly, a large ship bursts from Darkhawk’s amulet. A somehow horribly familiar sight emerges from the ship calling himself “Evilhawk.”

Not far, inside Chris Powell’s home, Jon tries to convince his mother that they need to get out of the house and find Chris; and while the two argue, Jason grabs a bat and sneaks out the back, determined to help Chris if he can. At the midtown school, the police scanner in Bob’s car picks up news of another “armored” being fighting Darkhawk; Bob, Gene and the others get in the car and head for the scene. Headset, who is just approaching learns of it as well, and begins heading that way.

At the same time, a very fit, and beautiful, Allegra works out. The phone rings, and she picks it up and discovers it’s Cheryl Colon calling her, informing Allegra that she is Chris’ girlfriend and she wants to know if there’s anything going on between Chris and Allegra. Allegra merely answers that there is chemistry; plenty of intense chemistry. Back at the school, Chris’ faculty teacher, Rose, tries to explain to Principal Thad that Chris is a good kid, who recently lost his father. Principal Thad, while understanding, explains that if Chris doesn’t turn his life around, he’s going to be worse off for it; and a suspension from school might be the shock he needs to attach his head and make him level headed again.

Speaking of Chris, he finds himself – as Darkhawk – at the mercy of Evilhawk, who shows no signs of weakness himself, but seems to know every weakness that Darkhawk possesses. He demands that Darkhawk turn back to Chris Powell so the Mind-Death can begin and he can use Chris Powell’s body as a “template.”

On Staten Island, inside an ordinary house, Arthur Vale finds himself at the mercy of several thugs. They continue to beat on him until they get the answers they’re looking for – the hit on Lennox, Zafar and Vale had been staged – and that all three were actually still alive.

Back to the fight, Code Blue tries to help Darkhawk; but Evilhawk scoffs at their efforts and throws Darkhawk into his ship and heads into space, away from everyone and everything that could come between them. Aboard the ship, Evilhawk explains that together there is much good that they could do; and like Darkhawk, he is an innocent caught up in circumstances far beyond his control. He apologized for his enthusiasm, if it came across incorrectly; and that in truth, he merely sought to run some tests on Chris and the Amulet, and be on his way. He turns his back staring out in the stars, and Darkhawk, who is strung up by his hands and legs, slips into Chris Powell to easily escape the locks, but before he can change back, Evilhawk grabs Chris!

On Staten Island, the Cabal keep Arthur Vale, and explain that if he’s lied, they will come back and beat him some more. They got to the shed and pull out all kinds of weapons to “fix their problem.”

Back on the ship, Chris kicks the control panel, spiraling the ship back into Earth’s atmosphere. Evilhawk seizes the controls, proclaiming that the “template” can not be harmed. This gives Chris the time he needs to change back into Darkhawk; but Evilhawk quickly beats him down and demands that he changes back into Chris Powell. As Darkhawk he uses his chest beam at full to blast a hole through the ship which he uses to escape; astonished to be in space, and alive. Evilhawk goes after him, and even as the two enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they continue to battle one another. Evilhawk gets the best of him, so Darkhawk removes his helmet, stunning Evilhawk and buying Darkhawk the time he needs to press the advantage. But that doesn’t last long as Evilhawk unleashes the full power of his amulet, seemingly annihilating Darkhawk…