Nova #12 (V1)

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Nova #12 (V1)

The issue begins with Nova and Spider-Man standing over the body of Nova’s Uncle Ralph. However – that dramatic page will come into play later. The issue goes back in time to explain how they would be standing there later…

We first see Nova flying to the train station to meet his Uncle Ralph, thinking to himself how he is always late – and everyone else in his family – people like his Uncle – were always extremely punctual. As he is standing there waiting at the train station he sees a car drive quickly by him.

We follow that car to the police headquarters, where Jason Dean – the driver of the car – explains to the chief of police that there’s been a grisly murder at the home of Doctor Rider. However, as he explains his story – he talks about being there, with others, to bid on Doctor Rider’s latest invention when one of the walls melted and a masked figure calling himself Photon entered the room. Photon demanded to know where Doctor Rider was and when no one could answer – he pushed Jason Dean aside and melted the next wall, looking for Doctor Rider. While Jason Dean never saw anyone murdered, he was certain that Photon’s intentions were less than good.

It’s at that moment that Richard Rider walks in with the intention of asking the police if he can use their phone. Richard goes with the police chief and Jason Dean to his uncle’s house, fearing for the worse. They find Harry Daze (ironically dazed) who tells them that Photon had gone in a specific direction. Entering the room, they find Rich’s uncle face down with Peter Parker standing there. Rich jumps at Peter Parker and begins hitting him, claiming that he is the murderer. Peter Parker explains that Doctor Conners had sent Peter here to check out his physics library when Photon arrived and rendered Peter unconscious. Both Rich and Parker excuse themselves and don on their super hero identities. Spider Man comes across Michael Lincoln who manages to hit Spider Man with more speed and strength than Spider Man had guessed. Nova flies by and sees the fight below – recalling how the Daily Bugle had always painted Spider Man a villain, he strikes from the back. Spider Man in turn webs Nova’s visor. Nova grabs Spider Man by the wrist and takes off into the air, only to have Spider Man kick Nova in the face. Spider Man explains what he was doing and Nova apologizes, explaining he was new to the whole hero business. Nova grabs Michael Lincoln and together they bring him back to Nova’s uncle’s place. They walk in on the chief of police, James Steele, asking questions of Franklin Risk.
< BR> Michael Lincoln confesses to hating Doctor Rider, but swears he didn’t kill him. The chief of police turns his attention back to Franklin Risk, who he notes has a shady past and has done some shady dealings; essentially doing whatever it takes to stay in business and stay at the top of said business. James Steele takes the Butler away, while both Franklin Risk and Michael Lincoln excuse themselves. A short, few minutes later, Photon appears again – melting down one of the walls. With a brief fight between Spider Man and Nova, Photon realizes he must make his escape. Thanks to the Butler, Manners, the police chief learns that Michael Lincoln had threatened Doctor Rider several times! We learn that Michael Lincoln threatened and hated Doctor Rider – several times! Franklin Risk has engaged in several shady dealings! Harry Daze actually works for the murderous organization A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Machines) and Jason Dean is a part of the illegal workings of the Maggia! Just before the officer is about to reveal the murder – the lights go out and all four suspects make their get away!