War of Kings: Ascension #1

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Note: War of Kings: Ascension takes place directly after the events of War of Kings: Darkhawk.

The issue begins three weeks before the present, with a Grand Commander Skrull, by the name of H’Jke Jeeku floating in space after his ship had been destroyed by Black Bolt and the Inhumnas, pondering how he would die slowly of suffocation and hypothermia rather than in some battle. However, before death can claim him – he sees something and watches as it moves closer and closer to him. Just as it gets in front of him, it appears to be the same kind of amulet worn by Darkhawk – and then there’s a burst of light.

The scene shifts to the present time, with Darkhawk and Talon fighting in the Negative Zone against a horde of insect like creatures. Talon explains that the creatures are called Chitinauts and they serve Catastrophus, who was one of Annhilihus’ agents. He goes on to explain the issue the Chitinauts have is a territorial one – that once they entered their region, the Chitinauts would essentially attack until he and Darkhawk are annihilated.

Talon tries to tell Darkhawk to reconfigure his armor to a more battle ready type; and Darkhawk insists that he can not. Realizing they’re out gunned, Talon then reconfigures his own armor and begins to destroy all the attacking Chitinauts, and in mere moments not a single attacking Chitinaut is left alive.

Darkhawk takes issue with Talon slaughtering all of the Chitinauts; and attacks Talon, who easily deflects and bats Darkhawk away, telling him that his “moral ethics” are hampering him. An hour later, Chris is sitting on a planet, wondering if Richard Rider (better known as Nova) had it so tough. Talon explains that Richard Rider and the rest of the Nova Corps are Guardians of Order – at best – and that Chris is a part of the Raptors – something far greater than the Nova Corps, and far older. Talon goes on to explain all of the bursts of anger that Chris experiences is due to the incompatibility between the amulet and the human mind; but Talon goes on to explain that he hopes to teach Chris how to adjust so that his mind can hear what Talon calls “The Datasong.”

Talon lands next to Chris and explains that, at one time, long ago – there were many Raptors in space. And that after a millennia spent in dormancy, he awoke to discover that the only other Raptor in existence appeared to be Chris – though, due to the incompatibility of the amulet and the human mind, Chris was damaged – but still, even a damaged Raptor is far too precious to toss aside. Talon further explains that he is eager to train Chris to control the amulet, because the War of Kings must be controlled – and that Talon alone can not hope to do it.

Together, Talon and Darkhawk head to Heteropteron – which Talon explains is the mightiest of Lord Catastrophus’ nomad fortress. They land just outside of the fortress and Talon uses his claw cable and reconfigures it into a mechanical hawk, enabling them to see through its eyes. Through the mechanical hawk they see that Catastrophus has summoned up quite a few Chitinauts – indicating that there was something here he was seeking to protect. They discover that he has inherited the Cosmic Control Rod. Talon and Darkhawk go after the Cosmic Control Rod and during the time get separated, where Talon yells for Darkhawk that he has been corned and needs to have Darkhawk switch to “Full Combat Mode” armor – in truth, Talon has abandoned Darkhawk and hiding around a corner, in no danger, forcing Darkhawk, who was being overwhelmed by Chitinauts to suddenly switch to Full Combat Mode Armor – and in mere seconds, the attacking Chitinauts are dead at Darkhawk’s feet.

Talon comes around the corner explaining that he knew Chris could change into the Full Combat Mode Armor – he just needed the incentive to do so. Just then – Darkhawk begins seeing things – he sees abductions, murders, and everything the Raptors have done to “shape” the fate of history – and discovers that the actions of the Raptors are less than “good intentions” but are in fact, for the most part, evil. Darkhawk attacks Talon, but Talon over powers him and places his hand on Darkhawk’s crystal – casting out Chris Powell – and arising from the red flare – another Raptor named Razor, who claims that “the human has been cast out.”

Begging the question – what happened to Chris Powell?