Real Name: Steven Harmon
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Student, Crime Fighter
Citizenship: American Citizen, with no known criminal record.
Place of Birth: Unrevealed
Known Relatives: Mother, Father (Unknown Name)
Group Affiliation: The Initiative (formerly), New Warriors (formerly), Counter Force (formerly)
First Appearance: Slapstick #1 (1992)
History: As a high school student, Steve Harmon never did like Winston, who he consider his “arch rival.” When a strange circus comes to town, Steve dressed up as a clown with the intent of ambushing Winston – however, he watched in strange amusement as several actual clowns grabbed Winston and his girlfriend, Heather, entering a fun house – and escaping through a portal within a mirror. For reasons he couldn’t explain – Steve grabbed a mallet and gave chase.

What happened next, Steve could have never predicted. His body apparently stretched into 3,741 different dimensions – eventually coming back together in a place called own by the “Scientist Supreme of Dimension X.” The scientist, who bore an uncanny resembles to Groucho Marx, helped Steve gain control of his new, unusual form, explaining that the reason for it was no doubt because he was out of sync when he entered the portal; and as such, his body was now composed of unstable molecules known as “Electroplasm.”

Steve manages to track Winston and Heather down and discovers that these “Evil Clowns” had been gathering humans for their Overlord for quite some time. Steve manages to help the humans escape, and destroys the mirror in the process – destroying the clowns’ influence on reality.

Later, Slapstick teamed up with the New Warriors to fight Doctor Yesterday; partly because doing so would impress women. Prior to Justice and Firestar departing the New Warriors to accept their membership with the Avengers; Slapstick did more than team up with the New Warriors; both he and Ultra Girl became full fledged members of the team.

After the events of Civil War, Hindsight Lad (former member of The New Warriors), began outing the secret identities of the past New Warriors. Slapstick assisted the New Warriors in tracking down Hindsight Lad and putting a stop to him. A short while later, Slapstick joins the Avengers Initiative team. He attempted to stop the Hulk, when the Hulk brought his forces from World War Hulk to Earth; but is immediately defeated and captured. He, along with several other members, are rescued by other members of Avengers Initiative.

Out of loyalty to the Avengers, the comical, fun loving Slapstick, nearly beats Gauntlet, a member of the Avengers Initiative team to death, because he had been bad mouthing the name of the New Warriors. When Gauntlet recovers, he claims that it was not Slapstick who had beat him to an inch of his life, and Slapstick is released.

During the events of Fear Itself, Slapstick appeared at a meeting held by Prodigy, which included other former members of the New Warriors, such as Rage, regarding magical hammers that have crashed into the earth.

Later, Deadpool founded his own version of “Heroes for Hire” and employed the services of Slapstick, among other vigilantes, to pose as him, in order to extend his reach across the globe.

Height: (As Harmon) 5’7″, (As Slapstick) Varies
Weight: (As Harmon) 140lbs, (As Slapstick) Varies
Eyes: (As Harmon) Blue, (As Slapstick) Blue Pupils, Yellow Irises
Hair: (As Harmon) Blonde, (As Slapstick) Purple

Powers: As Slapstick, Steve Harmon’s body is now composed of unstable molecules called “Electroplasm” – because of this, his body is indestructible. Any damage or harm inflicted is immediately disregarded, as he possesses superhuman durability and virtually unlimited malleability. He also possesses superhuman agility and reflexes. When electrocuted, Slapstick becomes considerably stronger (however, he must have a constant flow of electricity to maintain that strength).

Accessories: Slapstick’s gloves also possess alien technology; his left glove has a transformation inducer that allows him to transform to and from Slapstick to his normal Steve Harmon form. His right glove contains an extra-dimensionally sub-spacial storage pocket and allows him to store items seemingly nowhere. He can access these items by making a special gesture with that hand, though to anyone observing it would appear he is pulling them out of thin air. His weapon of choice is a cartoon-like mallet. Recent accounts have shown similar pockets in the pants of his costume. Objects stored in these pockets are apparently undetectable by conventional means; for example, Slapstick carried his New Warriors communicator, left forgotten in a pants pocket, into Camp Hammond without any of the base’s security measures detecting it.

Note: It has been noted that Steve Harmon has no genitalia in his Slapstick form.