Nova #4 (V5)

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Nova #4 (V5)

The issue begins right off with Nova finding himself attacked by several Gen-Kol Pattern Kree Sentry. Left with no other choice, he blasts right through them – destroying them all. Using WorldMind, Rich tries to find out why the Kree would ever try to attack him. Other than one small, verbal exchange between Nova and Ronan the Accuser, there seems to be no reason for it. WorldMind then tries to contact Hala, only to have a radiation pulse of astonishing magnitude momentarily knock WorldMind offline; but also, knocking all of Hala’s communications offline.

Nova quickly finds himself under attack from more Kree Sentry, and begins attacking them. WorldMind then discovers that there seems to be some kind of virus that has infected their circuitry. Nova decides he wants to get to the bottom of it – but then WorldMind informs him that it is urgent that he leaves the area – immediately, and without hesitation. When Nova asks what’s wrong, WorldMind explains that it is a transmode technophage – originating from the Phalanx.

On Hala – the Phalanx zero in on Nova, wondering how he exists if all of their records show that the Nova Corps were destroyed. They move to intercept Nova’s approach, using more Kree Sentry – which proves to do little good against Nova’s determination.

Gamora approaches the Phalanx, having been converted by them, claiming that with one hundred Kree Sentry, she could take out Nova – because if he is indeed the last one, that means he has the entire Nova Force at his disposal – and thus the ability to destroy the Phalanx.

Nova refuses to run from the Phalanx, despite WorldMind’s warning. WorldMind fills Nova in on how the Phalanx work – and what they’re capable of. Nova still refuses to stop. Suddenly, a hundred Kree Sentry teleport in front of him – forming a wall he can’t hope to bypass.

Down on Hala, Gamora controls the Kree Sentry, knowing all too well how Rich Rider works; knowing how to exploit all of his weaknesses. Realizing that there’s no way he can do this – he opens up a stargate.

In that moment, all of the Kree Sentry are destroyed.

Realizing he’s escaped, Gamora promises to hunt Rich Rider down herself.

For Rich Rider the stargate was a last minute effort to escape. But WorldMind informs him that he must change coarse before they slam into a barrier. At that speed however, Rich Rider is unable to stop – and slams into the barrier with explosive results.

Drez-Lar, the Kree Outworld.

During the Annihilation Wave, the planet perished. Atomic fires burn, the landscape is a deadly orange mist of radiation. The once glamorous cities are now nothing more than rubble and ruin.

A ship called The Spirit of Supremor was one of the last ships to leave the planet. It held two thousand Kree citizens and warriors. The ship was brought down in mid take off – only one hundred and two Kree survived that crash.

The scene shifts to Ko-Rel, the highest ranking survivor of the Spirit of Supremor – and now in charge. Every day, for the last year, she broadcasts a beacon calling out for immediate extraction from Drez-Lar. Every day, it’s the same thing – no answer. She looks at the hologram of her son, Zam, and thinks about how she’s missed a year of her life. She’s uncertain if there’s anyone out there to hear her beacon – or if the com line is actually broken.

At that point, there’s a high impact of something slamming into the planet in the distance. Ko-Rel gathered some of her men and they don protective gear to go take a look. Going through the ruins, they come upon a crater where there’s the burned remains of a Nova Corp. Ko-Rel climbs down and suddenly finds herself over taken by some form of energy – and the sound of WorldMind inside of her head apologizing. When she looks at her men wondering why they’re looking at her so oddly – they look down and see Ko-Rel wearing the uniform of a Nova Corp – suggesting that perhaps, the remains below are none other than the remains of Rich Rider – the last Nova Corp!