New Warriors #1 (V2)

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New Warriors #1 (Volume 2)

The issue opens up with Speedball smashing through a window and confronting the villainous Boomerang. After a quick exchange of dialogue, antics are put aside and Speedball makes quick work of Boomerang. When a woman in the bank asks if the rest of the New Warriors on the way, Speedball explains that the New Warriors actually don’t exist anymore.

As Speedball bounces away, he thinks about how he’s going to remedy the fact that the Warriors don’t exist. He points out that Night Thrasher is in Seattle taking some form of schooling; Rage is a “posh” boarding school on Staten Island; Firestar and Justice had become Avengers; Nova had turned him down (in Nova #5 in Volume Three).

The scene shifts to an alleyway in Brooklyn where two young boys speak of a new hero by the name of “Aegis” and how he has started a “war” with gangs in the area, making it safe once more. As they discuss Aegis, and spray paint his name on a brick wall, unbeknownst to them they’re being watched by the very person of whom they speak.

The scene shifts to Speedball getting a workout with Firestar in one of the Avengers training room, supervised by Justice. When Speedball tries to convince them to help restart the New Warriors, they both decline, citing they are with the Avengers now. Disappointed, Speedball excuses himself and leaves.

Another scene shift brings us back around to Genetech, where they have discovered an inter-dimensional gateway; noting that the energy signal had been rather unstable until about three minutes ago, as if something had stabilized it to travel through. And just then, the infamous Fantastic Four villain, Blastaar appeared through the portal.

Scene shifting once more, we go to Speedball asking Rage if he would like to help in restarting the New Warriors. Rage declines stating he has come to peace with himself and enjoys school, and enjoys helping out in trivial things like ripping old tree stumps out of the ground.

Another scene shift brings us to Christopher Bradley, better known as the mutant Bolt, arriving in New York. While there, his girlfriend Donna meets him at the bus station. As they kiss, his powers flare, slightly shocking her. He explains that due to the Legacy Virus, his powers tend to flare out of his control from time to time.

Another scene shift brings us to Speedball speaking with Powerhouse, who declines Speedball’s offer to restart the New Warriors. He explains that his siblings always got mad when he “borrowed” their powers to do things with the New Warriors; so much so that it led to constant fighting, and they were forced to all see a Child Psychologist!

We then see Turbo flying through the air, thinking to herself how she’s tired of her parents pressuring her about finding a boyfriend. She comes across a warehouse fire and lends a hand by using her power to suck the air out of the warehouse area, thus suffocating the fire itself.

We next see Thrasher on the phone with Speedball, speaking with him and like the others, declining the offer to join the New Warriors; though interestingly enough, he originally states he’s working for Maria Stark Foundation; and Speedball corrects him, asking if he meant the Stark-Fujikawa Foundation. Next it is Darkhawk who turns Speedball down citing failing grades in school; then Dagger and Cloak; then the Slingers (who actually laugh at him).

At the Crashpad, Speedball examines the monitor, looking over Nova, Namorita, then himself. Only a few moments after that, Nova and Namorita appear at the Crashpad to try and cheer Speedball up. That’s when Nova notices that both Speedball and Namorita have had a change of costume. Nova then, through mental control, changes the look of his costume as well.

At that moment, Speedball answers a call from Mr. Rosen and three “New Warriors” head for Genetech to stop Blastaar! Along the way, they meet up with Turbo, who had picked up the transmission in her helmet. When they arrive, Blastaar mocks the New Warriors; to which Nova takes great personal offense. Trying to attack Blastaar, he ends up on the receiving end of Blastaar’s bio-blasts, sending him flying. Speedball bounces off Blastaar to try and knock him off balance; Turbo adds to it by sucking the air away and Namorita comes in for the coup de grace; however, her punch does little to effect Blastaar and ends up getting her punched.

When Blastaar turns to give her a taste of his bio-blasts, her body seems to vanish before his eyes! And if that had not complicated matters enough, Blastaar ends up on the receiving end of an attack by Firestar and Justice!

Not far from there Christopher Bradley who is with his girlfriend in the car. When they reach a police line, they learn of Blastaar. Chris exits the car and tells his girlfriend that now is the time for him to help the heroes of New York, and become one himself.

When Nova wakes up, the first thing he sees is Aegis standing over him. Two kids who are also there tell Nova that he has to let Aegis help against Blastaar!

Back to the battle with Blastaar, we see that Namorita is capable of an acidic touch that actually causes Blastaar pain. However, this once again, gets Namorita tossed like a football.

However, Blastaar gets an unexpected shock from behind him as Bolt unleashes some of his power at Blastaar. Only a few short moments later, Nova arrives carrying Aegis. Nova and Namorita combined smack Blastaar knocking him off of his feet. From there, all of the New Warriors unleash their attacks on Blastaar, finally rendering him unconscious.

The New Warriors return to Genetech and use Bolt to power up the Portal. Using the Inter-dimensional Map that Blastaar had; Nova carries Blastaar into the negative zone and leaves him on the uninhabitable planet of Vashom.

The scene shifts to Christopher Bradley laying on a park bench at night, with no place to call his own. Another scene shift brings us to the people of Genecide. She points out that they are to take down Namorita!