Nova #2 (V3)

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Nova #2 (V3)

The issue begins with Namorita stepping into the shower. The water seems to be the only thing that soothes her skin; even if that relief is only brief. As she washes her body, she’s unaware that her cracked skin begins to shed away, like that of a snake’s – revealing her pink skin once again; including her ankle wings.

Nova, meanwhile is sitting on a roof, beating himself for what he had done to Ginger’s husband, Darren. Nova attempts to squeeze his helmet and shatter it; but it comes back together, on his head. Nova gets a call about a robbery in progress; Nova responds and finds it’s Kid Quarry. Kid Quarry calls out for the police, pleading that Nova doesn’t beat him the way he did Darren. Nova stops, his emotions high. Kid Quarry capitalizes on Nova’s hesitation and drills him with his power. Kid Quarry makes good of his get away, escaping from Nova.

The scene jumps to Marvel Burger, where Bernie and Rich are working, and Roger is visiting. Jennifer Smith enters, along with her boyfriend, Randy Reed. Bernie jokes that Rich had better be careful, because if Randy ended up in a coma he would have a lot of explaining to do. Rich then takes the hose from the sink and attempts to squirt Bernie, but he ducks and he ends up spraying Jennifer Smith’s top.

The scene shifts again, this time Rich is at the hospital, trying to pay Ginger a visit; but they won’t let him in since he’s not listed as family. So Rich steps outside and dons on the Nova costume and flies through the window. Ginger explains that the doctors have said there’s no chance for any form of recovery; and that she hoped that Darren would just die and be at peace. She also explains that her insurance company is seeking to speak to Nova. Rich nods and takes his leave.

Nova #2 (V3) - Alternate Cover

Rich bumps into Diamondhead in the hospital. Diamondhead has been paid to “make a doctor pay” for taking the lives of unborn children by performing abortions. Rich dons on the Nova outfit. Nova grabs Diamondhead and flies him through a wall to get him out of the area where innocent civilians could get hurt. Diamondhead looks at Nova and says, “I still haven’t forgotten Epurus-7.” That phrase stops Nova again; once more allowing Diamondhead the chance he needs to pound the stunned Nova. The memories come back – he remembers Diamondhead using chemical weapons against both sides, during a war – forcing Nova to use a Nova blast to end everyone’s misery.

They land on the hard street below, where they’re greeted by Captain America. Captain America immediately gives Nova a few pointers to help improve his fighting style. Getting hit again, Captain America approaches Nova and asks if he needs help. Instead, Nova grabs Captain America’s glove which houses the energy shield and dons it on – slamming it into Diamondhead, shattering him. Captain America tells Nova that there is no shame in self defense, and what Nova had done to Darren was done to save a woman’s life. Nova shakes his head, and explains that he was out of control and that he will have to live with that mistake, forever.

The scene cuts to Bernie, Rich and Roger sitting at their house when Namorita shows up at their places, walks past Rich, grabs Bernie by the tie and pulls him into the bedroom, closing the door behind them.