New Warriors #19 (V4)

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New Warriors #19 (Volume 4)

The issue begins with the time displaced New Warriors with Tony Stark, who has revealed himself as the future Night Thrasher. Wondra begs the question that if he’s Night Thrasher than who is Iron Man, to which Tony Stark replies, “Dwayne Taylor.”

The New Warriors seem a little confused by this since he had died in the Stamford Incident. Tony Stark explains that in the future, dead isn’t always dead; and when Dwayne Taylor came back, he came back far more Pro Registration than Tony had ever intended it to go; turning the United States into a Police State.

Tony Stark then explains that they need to help each other out; he needs them to help get into the Stark/Taylor building; and they need him to leave them to the time machine to get them back to their proper time.


Night Thrasher is still reeling from the revelation that Iron Man is indeed Dwayne Taylor, his half brother. When Donyell questions about Dwayne’s apparent demise during the reality television show that triggered Civil War, Dwayne seems to brush it off rather casually. He then goes on to explain that when he came back he saw what he was responsible for and became viciously Pro-Registration; because if he and the New Warriors had been properly trained that this would have never happened.

Back at Tony Stark’s hidden base, the New Warriors examine the schematics for the Stark/Taylor buildings noting a single utility tunnel that leads from the surface under the complex.

The scene shifts back to the Stark/Taylor building where Donyell ponders his next move. He has wanted to be close to Dwayne – and now Dwayne was alive and accepting of him. At the same time, however, Dwayne was so Pro-Registration – they very thing that Donyell had made the New Warriors to do – fight the Registration. Now he was caught in moral conflict as to which side to choose.

The following morning, Donyell is brought into the room where Dwayne is – and Dwayne explains that they’re working on a space bound Nth Dimension Banisher – so that heroes and villains could be banished afar, simply by locking onto them. There’d be no need to send in a task force and risk lives to bring them in. Donyell tries to explain that everything’s moving so fast – but Dwayne tells him not to worry about the past – and to let that lie where it is. Now they were working in the present to make a better future – and they could do it as brothers.

Elsewhere, Tony Stark leads the New Warriors dressed as Stark/Taylor employees. They are halted by the Iron Guards. Tony hands over an identification card that shorts out their armor. Quickly changing into costume, the New Warriors and Tony Stark enter the small tunnel. It’s not long after that they’re confronted with more Iron Guards and left with no other choice than to fight for their lives.

The New Warriors break through and make it to the corridor – however they’re greeted by a surprise.

Donyell is standing there with Dwayne. With a smug smile, Dwayne uses his Iron Man armor and renders Tony Stark and the New Warriors unconscious!