Darkhawk #37 (V1)

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The issue begins with Darkhawk and Venom going at it, and yet again, Venom manages to best Darkhawk. And yet again, Venom lets Darkhawk live because Darkhawk helped Venom escape from the Seekers a second time. Venom webs Darkhawk to a large rock and makes his escape to go after the Seekers. Darkhawk changes back to Chris, then notices a note in his pocket that he swears was not before. It reads: “The Era Of the Darkhawk Is Over. I Can No Longer Project You. Do Not Use The Amulet Anymore Or Your Own Death Is Assured.” (Note: I do believe the note was supposede to say “I Can No Longer PROTECT You.”)

The scene shifts to Cale, who has Mike Powell tied to a chair. They argue for a bit about Cale’s desire to capture Venom to become the next “super hero cop” since the Savage Steel project failed. Cale, tired of Mike, turns off the monitor and explains that if Powell doesn’t give him the list of people who betrayed the Savage Steel Project, then his usefulness will be at an end.

The scene shifts briefly to Grace Powell being on a plane to San Francisco, but someone on the plane seems to be following her.

The scene shifts once more and we see the techno version of St. Johnny busting into Avengers Mansion. Captain America is there to try and stop him, but St. Johnny manages to get the best of Captain America and recovers the amulet of Evilhawk, which had been previously dropped off by Darkhawk. He channels the power of the Evilhawk amulet and teleports away before Captain America can capture him.

Elsewhere, Chris sat on the beach, trying to figure out where the note had come from and what it all meant. He thinks about how St. Johnny had given a similar warning, long ago, he tries to piece together how it could all piece together. Chris dons on the Darkhawk persona and heads to the house where he saw his father from the past and had recently encountered Venom. Darkhawk found two thugs inside the house, and threatened them and learned that Cale had taken Mike to Fisherman’s Wharf. Darkhawk heads for Fisherman’s Wharf, unaware that Venom is trailing him. When Darkhawk arrives at Fisherman’s Wharf, he finds himself ambushed by the Seekers. Instead of helping Venom, continues to look for those who employed the Seekers. Venom finds Cale and goes after him while Darkhawk, sick of his life having become a mess, funnels his anger and manages to defeat the Seekers single-handedly. Darkhawk arrives just in time to stop Venom from killing Cale. Darkhawk and Venom get into yet another fight, this time, Chris, still furious, manages to defeat Venom; but the victory was short lived as Darkhawk turned to see that Cale had a gun to Mike Powell’s head. However, Cale is suddenly kicked by Robin Gillepsie from the FBI who had arrived with Grace.

Grace and Mike reunite, and Darkhawk turns to take care of Venom and discovers he has managed to get away in all the confusion. Darkhawk leaves and tries to change back to Chris, but finds he can’t. He sits down outside when suddenly St. Johnny appeared from a dimension door. St. Johnny, still in his metallic form, warned Darkhawk that Evilhawk was taking over Ocsh, warning Darkhawk that the multiverse is in great peril. Darkhawk agrees to help.