Nova #23 (V1)

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Nova #23 (V1)

The issue begins with the sinister Doctor Sun watching Nova and Comet on a monitor. Doctor Sun talks about how he has planned the doom of both Nova and Comet. He also talks about how Rich’s brother did not crate the robotic Sherlock Holmes on his own – but rather heavily influenced by Doctor Sun’s own wisdom so that he could spy on Rich Rider at all times.

The scene switches to Diamondhead taking on Nova and Comet. He easily defeats Nova and Comet and walks off, confident. Doctor Sun then seizes controlling, mechanically, of a bulldozer to get Nova and bring him to his base. Rich’s brother loses control of his robotic “Sherlock Holmes” who returns to Doctor Sun.

Mike finds Comet and asks him why he quit. Comet explains that somehow his secret identity was discovered and a hit man fired into his house killing his wife and kids – the explosion left nothing to be buried and he barely survived. But he became a shadow of the man he was before and thought it better to think the world thought that he died.

Elsewhere, Nova comes around and sees Doctor Sun. Here we learn the origin of Doctor Sun, which begins in 1966 – during the now infamous, Cultural Revolution – he had incurred the wrath of a petty official. His brain was removed and placed into an anti-matter receptacle. In that moment, Doctor Sun took over the computer systems. But he still needed human blood in order for his human brain to function. So he turned to Dracula; but Dracula would not be defeated. Doctor Sun would not stay down; he grabbed an assassin named Juno to help defeat Dracula. However, Juno was decapitated and Doctor Sun escaped again.

Doctor Sun teleports himself and Nova to the Nova Prime Ship. Doctor Sun explains that he senses the ship is “alive” and wants to unlock how the ship has a consciousness without the need of a human brain! However, before he can proceed – he finds himself confronted by – The Sphinx!