Darkhawk #49 (V1)

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The issue begins with a battle between Darkhawk and Overhawk, with Overhawk clearly having the advantage. Overhawk explains how Portal murdered him, left him to die, but his Mahari brothers found him and made him more powerful; and once he had his revenge on Portal and all the people of Earth, that his brothers would restore him back to a normal body to lead a normal life. Darkhawk once again creates the “Dark Hawk” but Overhawk makes one of his own and blasts Darkhawk. Darkhawk tries the trick of removing his helmet, but Overhawk has no reaction, and instead removes his helmet as well which Darkhawk can’t handle.

The scene shifts to the Guardsmen getting the aliens ready for deportation. Chris arrives and sees Ned and asks what’s happening, but Ned is forced to give Chris the cold shoulder; not because he wants to, but because he feels this may be the only thing that saves Chris’ life. More aliens suddenly arrive and free the captured aliens after defeating the Guardsmen all too easily. They turn their guns on Ned, Powell and Laura. But before they can capitalize, Portal arrives and guns them down.

Elsewhere, the police arrive and find that Harry’s been shot and killed, and Mike was on the scene. They arrest Mike, suspecting that Harry was the last member of the Savage Steel Cabal, and that’s why Mike had gunned him down. Not too far away, Grace is arrested for bribery. At Mt. Moriah Cemetary Dean Coburn takes Jason and Jon to the grave of Albert Coburn, his father, who was arrested by Mike Powell, unjustly, and left in prison to die.

The scene shifts to Darkhawk and Overhawk; where Overhawk is taken down by Darkhawk who uses the ledge to bury him, buying him some time. Just when he thinks he has the upper hand, the Mahari demand his attention and have Portal’s mother and family at gun point. Portal arrives, and surrenders just as Overhawk emerges from the ground.

At school the police open Chris’ locker and find the wallet of a woman; the one that Dean Coburn had planted. Headset observes how the police are saying they need to arrest Chris; to at least question him. Headset is actually happy, since Chris had snubbed him the other day.

Elsewhere, the Darkhawk Ship arrives with the Mahari inside of it…